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Stephen Robinson
(STS-85, STS-95, STS-114, STS-130)

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Recent Sightings
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Bob Behnken, Stephen Robinson, Nick Patrick, Kay Hire, Terry Virts and George Zamka, April 22, 2010, Washington, DC (Credit: Scott Gast);
LEFT: George Zamka, Nick Patrick, Stephen Robinson and Terry Virts with Scott Phillips, March 31, 2010, Huntsville, AL (Credit: Scott Phillips); RIGHT: George Zamka, Terry Virts, Kay Hire, Stephen Robinson, Nick Patrick and Bob Behnken, March 23, 2010, Houston, TX (Credit: Cindy Mahler);
Dan Burbank, Drew Feustel, Steve Robinson, Tracy Caldwell, Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Ken Cockrell, October 23, 2009, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Steve Robinson with Marek Pribyl, October 22, 2008, Stennis Space Center, MI (Credit: Tomas Pribyl); RIGHT: Steve Robinson, October 6, 2007, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
Dan Burbank, Kevin Ford, Tracy Caldwell, Steve Robinson, Ken Cockrell and Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, September 4, 2008, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
Drew Feustel, Tracy Caldwell, Steve Robinson, Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Chris Ferguson and Chris Hadfield

(just off camera: Greg "Box" Johnson), September 6, 2007, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);

LEFT: Steve Robinson, July 4, 2006, KSC, FL (Credit: collectSPACE); RIGHT: Steve Robinson, June 29, 2006, KSC, FL (Credit: collectSPACE);
Soichi Noguchi, Andy Thomas, Steve Robinson, Wendy Lawrence, Charlie Camarda, Vegas Kelly and Eileen Collins, September 13, 2005, Houston, TX (Credit: Ron Zaguli);
Eileen Collins, Steve Robinson and Charlie Camarda, August 30, 2005, New York, NY (Credit: collectSPACE);
Charlie Camarda, Wendy Lawrence, Soichi Noguchi, Eileen Collins, Vegas Kelly, Steve Robinson and Andy Thomas, February 1, 2004, Houston, TX (Credit: Paul Martinez);
LEFT: Steve Robinson, October 12, 2005, Davis, CA (Credit: John Brock); RIGHT: Steve Robinson, April 21, 2003, Houston, TX (Credit: Richard Stonely);
LEFT: Steve Robinson, August 25, 2002, Sacramento, CA (Credit: Liz Warren);