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Sy Liebergot
(Apollo EECOM)

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Recent Sightings
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Fred Haise, Jim Lovell, Sy Liebergot, Clint Howard, Milt Windler, Walt Cunningham, Gene Kranz, Gerry Griffin, Rusty Schwieckart, Jack Lousma, Bill Anders, Joe Engle, Glynn Lunney and Gene Cernan, March 21, 2015, San Diego, CA (Credit: Manny Gutsche);
Glynn Lunney, Gerry Griffin, Sy Liebergot, Jack Lousma, Fred Haise, Gene Cernan, Charlie Duke, Bill Anders, Gene Kranz and Al Worden with Caitie Colella, March 21, 2015, San Diego, CA (Credit: Caitie Colella);
Vance Brand, Dee O'Hara, Jerry Ross, Walt Cunningham, Sy Liebergot, Fred Haise, Alan Bean, Jack Lousma, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, Tom Jones, Dave Scott, Rick Armstrong, Rusty Schweickart, Gene Cernan, Gerry Griffin, Dick Gordon, Jerry Bostick, Jim McDivitt and Eileen Collins, May 10, 2014, Pasadena, CA (Credit: Mark Usciak);
Scott Carpenter, Jim McDivitt, Dick Gordon, Vance Brand, Bruce McCandless, Charlie Walker, Fred Haise, Glynn Lunney, Ed Mitchell, Jerry Ross, Ed Gibson, Sy Liebergot, Alan Bean, David Scott and Walt Cunningham, May 25, 2013, Tucson, AZ (Credit: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Sy Liebegot with Ken Willoughby, September 9, 2011, Pontefract, UK (Credit: Sy Liebergot); RIGHT: Sy Liebergot with Clint Howard, October 24, 2009, Austin, TX (Credit: Sy Liebergot);
Jerry Bostick, John Aaron and Sy Liebergot, October 24, 2009, Austin, TX (Credit: Sy Liebergot);
LEFT: Sy Liebergot, July 29, 2009, London, UK (Credit: Steve Smyth); RIGHT: Sy Liebergot and Andrew Chaikin, September 15, 2007, Cleveland, OH (Credit: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Sy Liebergot, June 8, 2007, KSC, FL (Credit: Rob Joyner); RIGHT: Sy Liebergot with CSM-009, May 5, 2007, Ashland, NE (Credit: Sy Liebergot);
LEFT: Sy Liebergot with Derek Horne, March 3, 2007, Hayes, England (Credit: Derek Horne); RIGHT: Sy Liebergot, September 21, 2006, Anchorage, AK (Credit: Sy Liebergot);
LEFT: Gene Kranz and Sy Liebergot, June 12, 2005, Seattle, WA (Credit: Sy Liebergot); RIGHT: Jack Lousma and Sy Liebergot, June 12, 2005, Seattle, WA (Credit: Matthew Irby);
LEFT: Sy Liebergot, June 11, 2005, Seattle, WA (Credit: Boeing); RIGHT: Bill Dana and Sy Liebergot, May 24, 2003, Washington, DC (Credit: Tom Edmonds);