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Thomas Jones
(STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98)

April 24, 2014
Washington, DC

10:40am - John Grunsfeld (STS-67, STS-81, STS-103, STS-109, STS-125)
Thomas Jones (STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98)
1:10pm - Alvin Drew (STS-118, STS-133)
2:25pm - Bernard Harris (STS-55, STS-63)
3:40pm - Anousheh Ansari (Soyuz TMA-9)
Kathryn Thornton (STS-33, STS-49, STS-61, STS-73)

X-STEM: Extreme STEM Symposium
Walter E. Washington Convention Center

April 26, 2014
Washington, DC

10:00am - Brian Duffy (STS-45, STS-57, STS-72, STS-92)
12:30pm - Brian Duffy (STS-45, STS-57, STS-72, STS-92)
2:00pm - Richard Hieb (STS-39, STS-49, STS-65)
Thomas Jones (STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98)
Paul Richards (STS-102)

USA Science & Engineering Festival
NASA and Lockheed Martin stages, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

May 8 - 11, 2014
Pasadena, California

TBA - Buzz Aldrin* (Gemini 12, Apollo 11)
Alan Bean (Apollo 12, Skylab 2)
Jerry Bostick (FIDO)
Vance Brand (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, STS-5, STS-41B, STS-35)
Eugene Cernan (Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 17)
Eileen Collins (STS-63, STS-84, STS-93, STS-114)
Walter Cunningham (Apollo 7)
Richard Gordon (Gemini 11, Apollo 12)
Gerald Griffin (Flight Director)
Fred Haise (Apollo 13)
Thomas Jones (STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98)
Sy Liebergot (EECOM)
Jack Lousma (Skylab 2, STS-3)
Glynn Lunney (Flight Director)
Bruce McCandless (STS-41B, STS-31)
James McDivitt (Gemini 4, Apollo 9)
Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14)
Dee O'Hara (Astronaut Nurse)
Jerry Ross (STS-61B, STS-27, STS-37, STS-55, STS-74, STS-88, STS-110)
Russell Schweickart (Apollo 9)
David Scott (Gemini 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 15)
Alfred Worden (Apollo 15)
* May 10 only

Spacefest VI
Pasadena Convention Center

November 3, 2014
Middle River, Maryland

7:00pm - Thomas Jones (STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98)

Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum Speakers Series
Lockheed Martin Headquarters

November 7, 2014
Houston, Texas

11:00am - Thomas Jones (STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98)

Public presentation and "Lunch with an Astronaut"
Space Center Houston

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LEFT: Tom Jones with Noah Leonard, December 15, 2013, Chantilly, VA (Credit: Ted Leonard); RIGHT: Tom Jones and Ulf Merbold, July 3, 2013, Dresden, Germany (Credit: Jan Zelinski);
LEFT: Wendy Lawrence and Tom Jones, June 22, 2013, KSC, FL (Credit: Nick Thomas); RIGHT: Tom Jones with Haym Benaroya, November 19, 2011, Washington, DC (Credit: Cliff Lentz);
Alan Bean, Dave Scott, Walt Cunningham, Buzz Aldrin, Jack Lousma, Al Worden, Fred Haise, Dick Gordon, Ed Mitchell, Charlie Walker, Vance Brand, Paul Weitz, Ed Gibson, Gene Cernan, Dale Cox, Charlie Duke, Tom Jones and Mike Mullane with Mark and Tom Usciak, June 2, 2012, Tucson, AZ (Credit: Mark Usciak);
Tom Jones, Bruce McCandless, Kathy Thornton, Bill Oefelein, Jerry Bostick, Ed Mitchell and Norm Thagard with Helmut Heisig, October 15, 2011, London, UK (Credit: Helmut Heisig);
LEFT: Tom Jones and Mary Cleave, September 24, 2011, Baltimore, MD (Credit: Mark Usciak); RIGHT: Andy Allen and Tom Jones with Rob Joyner, November 7, 2008, KSC, FL (Credit: Rob Joyner);
LEFT: Tom Jones with David Houseworth, February 25, 2008, Indianapolis, IN (Credit: Mark Pattison); RIGHT: Tom Jones, March 13, 2007, Moffett Field, CA (Credit: Mike Fusillo);
LEFT: Tom Jones, September 23, 2006, Seattle, WA (Credit: Matthew Irby); RIGHT: Tom Jones, February 4, 2006, Webster, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Tom Jones with Tony DiGennaro and Shane Nelson, May 5, 2003, Middle River, MD (Credit: Gene A. DiGennaro Jr.); RIGHT: Tom Jones with Hartriono Sastrowardoyo, October 20, 2002, College Park, MD (Credit: Hartriono Sastrowardoyo);
LEFT: Tom Jones, June 19, 2002, Washington, DC (Credit: collectSPACE); RIGHT: Tom Jones, February 10, 2002, KSC, FL (Credit: David D'Angelo);