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Michael Foreman
(STS-123, STS-129)

January 5, 2018
Houston, Texas

11:00am -

Michael Foreman

(STS-123, STS-129)

July 27, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama

12:00pm -

Michael Foreman

(STS-123, STS-129)

Lunch with an Astronaut
U.S. Space & Rocket Center

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Recent Sightings
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LEFT: Mike Foreman, November 11, 2016, KSC, FL (CREDIT: collectSPACE); RIGHT: Mike Foreman, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Bonnie Dunbar, Bill McArthur and Rick Hieb with William Harris, July 20, 2016, Houston, TX (CREDIT: Kaci Pilcher Heins);
LEFT: Kjell Lindgren, Alan Bean and Mike Foreman, February 6, 2016, Houston, TX (CREDIT: collectSPACE); RIGHT: Mike Foreman and Bob Behnken, April 30, 2010, Houston, TX (Credit: Marianne Dyson);
Pat and Diana Forrester, Doug and Kelley Wheelock, Mike and Lorrie Foreman and Bob and Megan Behnken with Dick and Kris Clark, May 15, 2015, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
Randy Bresnik, Leland Melvin, Greg Hobaugh, Butch Wilmore, Mike Foreman and Bobby Satcher, October 16, 2009, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
LEFT: Dom Gorie, Greg "Box" Johnson, Mike Foreman, Takao Doi, Rick Linnehan and Bob Behnken, April 30, 2008, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE); RIGHT: Mike Foreman, August 30, 2008, Cleveland, OH (Credit: Mark Pattison);
Mary-Ellen Weber, Mike Foreman, Michael Gernhardt, Kevin Kregel, Don Thomas, Suni Williams, Nancy Currie, Tom Henricks, Ron Sega, Mark Brown, Greg Harbough, Tom Hennen, Carl Walz, Ken Cameron, Bob Springer, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Jim Lovell and Kathy Sullivan, August 29, 2008, Cleveland, OH (Credit: Michael Blair);
LEFT: Mike Foreman, May 31, 2008, Sandusky, OH (Credit: Brad MacKinnon); RIGHT: Mike Foreman, March 19, 2005, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);
Takao Doi, Rick Linnehan, Garrett Reisman, Greg Johnson, Dom Gorie, Bob Behnken and Mike Foreman, March 3, 2008, Houston, TX (Credit: collectSPACE);