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Snoopy leads 'Mission to the MoonPhase' on new MoonSwatch

March 24, 2024

— Snoopy is adding a new phase to the MoonSwatch.

The NASA safety mascot (and "first beagle on the moon") appears on the latest version of Swatch's popular timepieces that are styled after the first watch worn on the moon. What's more, the comic strip character stars as part of a moon phase indicator, a feature absent from the previous solar system-themed MoonSwatches and the Omega Speedmaster Professional on which they are all based.

"Houston, the Bioceramic MoonSwatch 'Mission to the MoonPhase' has landed. A new model, all in white to celebrate the full moon, has touched down on the moon smoothly, in the planned location and on schedule," announced Swatch in a press release.

Timed to coincide with this month's full moon and the two-year anniversary of the Omega x Swatch collaboration, the new Snoopy-adorned "Mission to the MoonPhase" MoonSwatch goes on sale Tuesday (March 26). The $310 watch is not a limited edition, but like the original planets, moon and Sun-themed MoonSwatches, the MoonPhase will only be available from select Swatch stores around the world.

Rendered in all white, the MoonPhase model continues to reproduce the three subdial design of the Apollo astronauts' Speedmaster chronograph, but adds Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock to the 2 o'clock position. As our planet's moon progresses through its eight phases in the sky, so do the Peanuts pals on the dial as they recline on a crescent moon.

Further, when viewed under ultraviolet light, the crescent and a field of stars glow blue, as does a hidden quote from a 1962 moon-themed Snoopy comic strip — "I can't sleep without a night light!"

In 1968, after a fire on a launch pad claimed the lives of three astronauts, NASA sought a symbol to remind its employees that safety is paramount in spaceflight. Peanuts creator Charles Schulz agreed to Snoopy becoming that mascot. Taking on his astronaut alter-ego, Snoopy appeared on the agency posters, became the namesake of the Apollo 10 lunar lander and, rendered as a silver lapel pin, was bestowed to workers whose contributions resulted in mission success.

In 1970, NASA awarded Omega with the "Silver Snoopy" for its role on returning the Apollo 13 astronauts to Earth after an explosion tore through their spacecraft midway to the moon. The Speedmaster was used to time a critical engine burn, ensuring the crew was on the right path home.

In the decades since being honored, Omega has commemorated its connection to NASA and Snoopy with the release of three different limited edition Speedmaster chronographs, each featuring the cartoon beagle on their dials. The 2003, 2015 and 2020 Silver Snoopy watches are among the most popular commemoratives that Omega has released to date.

Now, the new Mission to the MoonPhase extends that legacy to the MoonSwatch, with even its all-white colorway serving as a nod to the 45th and 50th anniversary Silver Snoopy Speedmaster dials.

The Snoopy-theme continues onto the back of MoonPhase, with a Peanuts-style drawing of the moon — complete with a beagle's paw print on the surface — on the battery cover.

Like all the MoonSwatches in the collection, the main features of the Speedmaster are also present on the 42mm MoonPhase, including the asymmetrical case and the tachymeter-scaled bezel with a dot over the 90. An included white Velcro strap compliments and completes the look of the new model.


Snoopy and his pal Woodstock recline on a crescent moon while helping to display the moon's phases on the face of Swatch's new "Mission to MoonPhase" MoonSwatch. (Swatch)

Held under an ultraviolet light, the new "Mission to the MoonPhase" MoonSwatch reveals a hidden Snoopy comic strip quote. (Swatch)

The battery cover for the "Mission to the MoonPhase" MoonSwatch has a Peanuts-style drawing of the moon complete with a beagle's paw print on its surface. (Swatch)

The "Mission to the MoonPhase" MoonSwatch combines the Omega Speedmaster-styled Swatch chronograph and a moon phase watch. (Swatch)

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