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Forum:Space Events & Happenings
Topic:5/2-3: 2014 Astronaut Hall of Fame induction (FL)
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Robert PearlmanI was only able to be there on Saturday this year, missing the gala. I hear it was a good time though, for all those who attended.

The ceremony's new venue, under space shuttle Atlantis, was really a great fit. The Hall has been honoring shuttle astronauts for 13 years now, but this was the first year where it really felt like the transition from Apollo and shuttle had taken hold.

There were only a couple of Apollo veterans in attendance (Stafford, Mitchell) and a few with a connection to shuttle (Haise, Brand, Garriott), the rest were all shuttle veterans.

John Blaha and Charlie Precourt did a great job welcoming Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross into their ranks as Hall of Fame astronauts. Both Lucid and Ross were eloquent in their own remarks and were clearly enjoying the well-deserved honor.

Before the ceremony began, I saw a few cS members, and was able to catch up Jay Barbree, Hugh Harris and Jack King, as well as the excellent public affairs and curatorial staff at the visitor complex.

OV-105With Jerry Ross going in they had to have under Atlantis. They seem to always be together.

It looked great on NASA TV. Always shocking to see how old some of the astronauts look when the walk to the stage. Then again I am now the age they were when they were flying.

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