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Forum:Satellites - Robotic Probes
Topic:OSIRIS-REx to asteroid Bennu: Viewing, comments
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Robert PearlmanToday's news regarding the naming of asteroid (101955) 1999 RQ36 as "Bennu" has a collectSPACE connection.
The name is the winning entry in an international student contest. Michael Puzio, a nine-year-old in North Carolina, suggested the name because he imagined the Touch-and-Go Sample Mechanism (TAGSAM) arm and solar panels on OSIRIS-REx look like the like neck and wings in drawings of Bennu, which Egyptians usually depicted as a gray heron.
Michael is the son of cS member Larry Puzio (cS: lspooz)!

Congratulations Michael and Larry! Very nice to have an asteroid namer among our extended community!

lspoozAnd thanks to collectSPACE, where I first found the link to NASA and the Planetary Society's contest back on Labor Day.
lspoozWe're looking forward to the Sept. 8 launch of the OSIRIS-REx mission, and tomorrow NASA TV will feature the traditional 'L-14' press briefing (Dr. Dante Lauretta and other project leaders will present to the media and field questions).

The broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT will live stream here.

Robert PearlmanGreat to hear Dante Lauretta during today's briefing give credit to Michael (Puzio) for naming Bennu. See 40 minutes, 20 seconds into this video:

Robert PearlmanPhotos from this morning's rollout of the Atlas V with OSIRIS-REx to Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station:

ejectrI saw the launch from as far as one can go on Playalinda Beach, about 5 miles from the launch.

What a sight to see. And the shuttle pads are right next to you. What a place to witness a shuttle launch or next a SpaceX launch.

Larry McGlynnI watched it from the Causeway. It was about 3 miles across the water from us. It was a beautiful launch that was highlighted by the setting Sun.
lspoozOur family watched from the Operations Support Building-II about 3 miles away (first launch ever) and I was stunned at the feel of the noise and the brightness of the flame, smaller and brighter than the sun and most reminiscent of a welding torch.

(Photo credit: NASA)

The Planetary Society hosts and the NASA support personnel made the entire launch day just incredible. With the 7:05 p.m. launch the setting sun made for an interesting effect:

(Photo credit: Arizona Central)

WehaveliftoffIn celebration of the successful launch of the University of Arizona's third mission into space (after Juno and New Horizons), members of the team were invited onto the field.

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