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Forum:Hardware & Flown Items
Topic:Modern astronaut and cosmonaut watches
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YankeeClipperI could be wrong, but that looks to have many of the characteristics of a Speedmaster. I don't think it is a Fortis.
Greggy_DYep, looks like a Speedmaster.
perssjThanks for your expertize. I concur, and during my continuing looks I found the complete spacewalk from Ustream on the ATV blog.

The nice timepiece is in sight all the time (with the correct time). Still going strong as the "outside" watch.

Robert PearlmanExpedition 40 flight engineer Oleg Artemyev shared from aboard the International Space Station this photo of the various watches and time keeping devices he uses in orbit.

PhilipGreat to see that the Omega Speedmaster is still there.
PhilipOf course to be complete about modern time pieces we should mention:
Robert PearlmanFollowing up on the watch that began this topic, here is a better look at Timex Expedition via an astronaut's collection.

dsenechalHere are three more examples of the NASA Timex:

mode1charlieWhich watches are currently EVA-rated?
Robert PearlmanSpacewalkers use Omega Speedmaster chronographs while wearing Russian Orlan spacesuits. Spacewalks in U.S. EMU spacesuits do not include watches.
Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by dsenechal:
Here are three more examples of the NASA Timex
At least one of the white face model watches flew to space. Here you can see Steve Bowen wearing it during STS-133:

Steven KaplanAnyone know the actual model number for the Timex Expedition watch pictured above?
Larry McGlynn
Originally posted by Robert Pearlman:
...this photo of the various watches and time keeping devices he uses in orbit.
Oleg Artemyev's photo answers a lingering question for me on average number of watches or time pieces and the typical watch manufacturer are carried by cosmonauts on the ISS.

There is a Omega Speedmaster, Fortis Cosmonaut, Omega X-33, Polar training watch and a Stermanskie chronograph as well as a CDN timer.

TLIGuyThe Artemyev picture also shows the X-33 missing its crown. It's a bit surprising since the newly designed crown on the second generation X-33 seemed to resolve the collapsing crown issue that plagued the first generation X-33s.
Originally posted by Steven Kaplan:
Anyone know the actual model number...
In regards to Bowen's, it's a Timex Expedition (WR 100M).

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