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Forum:Free Space
Topic:Gatorade Tiger [Woods] Moon Shot
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FFrenchAmusing, especially when considering that (according to Paul Haney) Tiger Woods and Al Shepard did (or were at least scheduled to) play golf together once.
AFGASOh, would it be nice to just plop an EMU down on luna firma and jaunt about. But, we'll suspend our disbelief enough to enjoy the effort and hope the bit might inspire a young engineer-to-be.
MoonpawsGreat fun. Looks like he hit quite a slice.
Robert PearlmanCoincidentally, during our pre-flight interview with STS-123 mission specialist Mike Foreman, he mentioned that Tiger Woods had been invited to see Endeavour launch.
There are three or four of us [on the crew] who like watching Tiger. So, we just shot an invitation to him through his management group.

We never heard anything. He may never have seen it.

Lunar rock nutThe commercial aired during the NCAA Basketball coverage this weekend.
Jay ChladekI have to wonder if future spacesuit designers are looking into giving the next generation EMU and lunar suits enough arm movement to allow a golf shot like that? Shepard did it one armed and Tiger was just wearing a costume, so he wouldn't have had the same issues.

I did find it amusing though how they did a cut from him putting the ball on the tee to him standing upright. I can guess it would have been difficult to position a ball and get back up that easily, even in a costume spacesuit.

KSCartistI don't mean to be picky — because I appreciate any positive tie-in to support space exploration — but where are his lunar boots? The costume folks didn't pay attention to that little detail.

Great commercial though.

spaceman1953I got a great kick out of seeing the commercial.

Anything to keep "space" in the public eye is what it is all about for me!

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