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Forum:ESA - JAXA - China - International
Topic:India's (ISRO) human spaceflight program
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Two massive S-200 solid strap-on boosters, each carrying 207 tons of solid propellants, ignited at vehicle lift-off and after functioning normally, separated 153.5 seconds later. L110 liquid stage ignited 120 seconds after lift-off, while S200s were still functioning, and carried forward for the next 204.6 seconds.

CARE separated from the passive C25 cryogenic upper stage of GSLV Mk-III 330.8 seconds after lift-off and began its guided descent for atmospheric re-entry.

After the successful re-entry phase, CARE module's parachutes opened, following which it gently landed over Andaman Sea about 1600 km from Sriharikota, there by successfully concluding the GSLV Mk-III X/CARE mission.

With today's successful GSLV Mk-III X / CARE mission, the vehicle has moved a step closer to its first developmental flight with the functional C25 cryogenic upper stage.

Lou ChinalIs the hatch compatible with the ISS?
Robert PearlmanI don't believe so, nor do I think India has any designs on visiting the space station.

(And as it is, there really isn't an abundance of open ports on the space station by which to accommodate another vehicle. [NASA is having to reorganize the USOS so commercial crew vehicles having a place to park.])

Lou ChinalI know I'm daydreaming far into the future but I can't help but thinking something like a docking module (similar to ASTP). I know space for docking ports is limited on ISS. This would be a tremendous incentive to a space fairing nation just starting.

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