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Forum:Buy, Sell, Trade
Topic:FS: U.S. Navy Shuttle and Station Astronauts patch
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JBoeRobert, thanks for sharing that special Navy birthday message! Happy (belated) Birthday Shipmates!
BMckayBoth patches are still available. The funds go towards helping us bring astronauts up. We have a possible visit or two in the planning stage but we could use the help. So place an order today.
BMckayI have about 20 left for the Marines and 10 or so for the new Navy one. Free shipping to USA now for anyone and any amount of patches.
BMckayCheck out eBay if you want a real good deal on the Marines and Navy patch.
BMckayThanks to all that help. The new Navy patch is sold out. I ended up giving many of these away to Navy personnel and a few to astronauts... But, we didn't raise enough to pay for them and pay for one visit to a school. If we had taken care of all of them, we would have had enough to fund a whole trip.

The Marine patch still has many left. I am not sure about an Army one unless it get enough pre-orders. Let me know who is interested in an Army one.

Thanks for everyone who has helped support us.

astro-nutI would like to see an Army patch made. I would definitely order one!
BMckayDue to questions about making more of the Navy patches, would people have an issue if 50 more were created?

It is hard to believe that I did not save even one for myself.

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