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This document, reprinted for reference only, appears as originally issued by NASA. The Official Flight Kit (OFK) contained selected multiple items such as flags, patches, medallions and other memorabilia to be presented to government officials, members of the Congress and others who received such gifts as a result of individual contributions to the space program as determined by the then-NASA Administrator.

Skylab 1 (SL-2) marked the first manned mission to the United States' first space station. Charles Conrad, Paul Weitz and Joseph Kerwin were in space for 28 days.

Skylab 1 (SL-2) Official Flight Kit (OFK)

No.   Description   Recipient
1.   3 sets of small State and Territorial flags   For presentations as appropriate to officials from each State or Territory, as approved by the Administrator.
2.   2 sets of small foreign flags as approved by the State Department (Tonga, San Marino) Short in one set.   Distribution as approved by the Administrator.
3.   Special Flags:  
  Pennsylvania State University   Pennsylvania State Univ.
  U. S. Naval Postgraduate School   U. S. Naval Postgraduate School
  Secretary of Navy   Secretary of Navy
  Chief of Naval Operations   Chief of Naval Operations
  National Geographic Society   National Geographic Society
  College of the Holy Cross   College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts
  Northwestern University   Northwestern University (School of Medicine)
  Fenwick High School   Fenwick High School, Oak Park, Illinois
4.   50 Silver Medallions   Astronaut Office
5.   500 small U. S. flags   Distribution as approved by the Administrator
6.   300 Skylab crew patches (25 embroidered; 275 beta cloth)   Distribution as approved by the Administrator
7.   3 sets of wings and pins   Flight crew
8.   4 one-dollar bills   To be provided to Gen. Brook Allen, Executive Director of the National Aeronautic Association

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