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Gemini 6A Pilot's Personal Preference Kit (PPK) Manifest

The above handwritten document lists the contents of the Gemini 6A pilot's Personal Preference Kit (PPK). Walter "Wally" Schirra prepared this inventory and submitted it to fellow Mercury "original" and chief of the Astronaut Office Donald "Deke" Slayton, who then wrote Schirra's surname at its top.

The contents are listed as:
  1. Navy wings
  2. 33rd Degree Masonic Ring (Dad)
  3. 1950D coin (Marty)
  4. Dime sized momento
  5. 5¢ sized momento
  6. Miniature gemini S/C [spacecraft]
  7. Fla. Hunting license
  8. 20 gold medals
  9. 5 silver medals
  10. Various flags
  11. 15 GTA-6 patches
These items would have been packed and flown inside an approximate 6 by 7-inch gray nylon bag with a draw-string closure.

The original manifest, as pictured above, was offered for sale in May 2006 through the site

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