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Astronaut-Authored Books

Many astronauts and cosmonauts have chosen to share their personal and space flight stories in books invaluable to those interested in learning about space history.

To facilitate building your own library, the titles have been linked to their listings, where applicable.

Aldrin, Buzz

Gemini 12, Apollo 11

Allen, Joseph

STS-5, STS-51A

Anderson, Clayton

STS-117, ISS-15/16, STS-131

Ansari, Anousheh

Soyuz TMA-9

Apt, Jay

STS-37, STS-47, STS-59, STS-79

Armstrong, Neil

Gemini 8, Apollo 11

Baturin, Yuri

Soyuz TM-28, Soyuz TM-32

Baudry, Patrick


Bean, Alan

Apollo 12, Skylab 3

Bondar, Roberta


Borman, Frank

Gemini 7, Apollo 8

Bursch, Daniel

STS-51, STS-68, STS-77, STS-108, ISS-4

Carpenter, Scott

Mercury 7

Carr, Gerald

Skylab 3

  • Aerospace Crew Station Design
    with M.D. Montemerlo
    Elsevier, 1986

Cernan, Eugene

Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 17

Cheli, Maurizio


Chiao, Leroy

STS-65, STS-72, STS-92, Soyuz TMA-5, ISS-10

  • OneOrbit

Chrétien, Jean-Loup

Soyuz T-6, Soyuz TM-7, STS-86

Collins, Michael

Gemini 10, Apollo 11

Cooper, Gordon

Mercury 9, Gemini 5

Cristoforetti, Samantha

Soyuz TMA-15M, ISS 42/43

Cunningham, Walter

Apollo 7

Duke, Charles

Apollo 16

Dunbar, Bonnie

STS-61A, STS-32, STS-50, STS-71, STS-89

Eisele, Donn

Apollo 7

Frimout, Dirk


  • En qu te de la planète bleue
    with Suzy Hendrikx
    Edition Labor, 1993

  • Of Zoek naar de Blauwe Planeet
    with Suzy Hendrikx
    Editions Coda

Furrer, Reinhard


  • Fliegen, das sind Augenblicke wie diese
    Ein Aerokurier-Buch, 1984

  • Unser Weg Ins All
    with U. Merbold, E. Messerschmid and W. Ockels
    Westermann Verlag, 1985

  • Der Nachste Mond Wird Anders Sein
    Belser-Verlag, 1987

  • Natural Hazards: Monitoring and Assessment Using Remote Sensing Technique
    with R.P. Singh
    Pergamon Press, 1995

Gagarin, Yuri

Vostok 1

Garan, Ron

STS-124, Soyuz TMA-21, ISS 27/28

Garn, Jake


  • The Future of US Land Based Strategic Forces
    IFPA, 1980

  • Night Launch
    with Stephen Paul Cohen
    William Morrow, 1989

  • Why I Believe
    Aspen Books, 1992

Garriott, Owen

Skylab 2, STS-9

Garriott, Richard

Soyuz TMA-13

Gibson, Edward

Skylab 3

Glazkov, Yuri

Soyuz 24

  • Outside Orbiting Spacecraft

  • The World Around Us

  • Чёрное безмолвие (The Black Silence)
    with Vladimir Dzhanibekov

Glenn, John

Mercury 6, STS-95

  • The Astronauts: Pioneers In Space
    with Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Virgil Grissom, Walter Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Donald Slayton
    Golden Press, 1961

  • We Seven
    with Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Virgil Grissom, Walter Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Donald Slayton
    Simon & Schuster, 1962

  • "P.S. I Listened To Your Heartbeat"
    World Book Encyclopedia Science Service, Inc., 1964

  • The Astronauts Book
    with Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Virgil Grissom, Walter Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Donald Slayton
    Panther Books Ltd., 1966

  • John Glenn: A Memoir
    with Nick Taylor
    Bantam Doubleday Publishers, 1999

Golovanov, Yaroslav

former candidate

  • Sergei Korolev: Apprenticeship of a Space Pioneer
    Mir Publishers, 1973

  • Our Gagarin
    Progress Publishers, 1978

Graveline, Duane

Group 4 Scientist-Astronaut

Grissom, Virgil

Mercury 4, Gemini 3, Apollo 1

Guidoni, Umberto


  • Il giro del mondo in 80 minuti
    Di Renzo Editore, 1998

  • Un passo fuori. I miei affetti, i miei valori, le mie passioni
    Laterza, 2006

  • Idee per diventare astronauta. Vivere e lavorare nello spazio
    Zanichelli, 2006

  • Martino su Marte
    Editoriale Scienza, 2007

  • Dallo Sputnik allo Shuttle
    Sellerio Editore, 2009

  • Astrolibro dell'Universo
    Editoriale Scienza, 2010

  • Dalla Terra alla Luna: Il Progetto Apollo 40 Anni Dopo
    Di Renzo Editore, 2011

Hadfield, Chris

STS-74, STS-100, Soyuz TMA-07M, ISS 34/35

Haigneré, Claudie (André-Deshays)

Soyuz TM-24, Soyuz TM-33

Harris, Bernard

STS-55, STS-63

Hernandez, José


Herrington, John


Hoffman, Jeffrey

STS-51D, STS-35, STS-46, STS-61, STS-75

Irwin, James

Apollo 15

Jähn, Sigmund

Soyuz 31

  • Erlebnis Weltraum

Jemison, Mae


Jones, Thomas

STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, STS-98

Kelly, Mark

STS-108, STS-121, STS-124, STS-134

Kelly, Scott

STS-103, STS-118, Soyuz TMA-01M, ISS 25/26, Soyuz TMA-16M, ISS 43/44/45/46

Kerwin, Joseph

Skylab 1

Lebedev, Valentin

Soyuz 13, Soyuz T-5

Leonov, Alexei

Voskhod 2, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Lind, Don


Linenger, Jerry

STS-64, STS-81, Mir

Lothaller, Clemens

former candidate

  • Austromir 91
    with Franz Viehböck
    Tau, 1991

Lovell, James

Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13

Malerba, Franco


  • La Vetta / The Summit
    Tormena Editore, 1993

Mantz, Michael

MSE Group 2 candidate

  • The New Sword: A Theory of Space Combat Power
    University Press, 1995

Massimino, Michael

STS-109, STS-125

Melvin, Leland

STS-122, STS-129

Merbold, Ulf

STS-9, STS-42, Soyuz TM-20

  • Unser Weg Ins All
    with R. Furrer, E. Messerschmid and W. Ockels
    Westermann Verlag, 1985

  • Der Flug Ins All
    Gustav Lübbe Verlag, 1986

Messerschmid, Ernst


  • Unser Weg Ins All
    with R. Furrer, U. Merbold and W. Ockels
    Westermann Verlag, 1985

  • Space Stations: Systems and Utilization
    with Reinhold Bertrand and Frank Pohlemann
    Springer, 1999

  • Raumfahrtsysteme, Eine Einführung mit Übungen und Lösungen
    with S. Pasoulas
    Springer, 2000

Michel, F. Curtis

Group 4 Scientist-Astronaut

  • Theory Of Neutron Star Magnetospheres
    University of Chicago Press, 1991

Mitchell, Edgar

Apollo 14

Mogensen, Andreas

Soyuz TMA-18M

  • Min Rejse til Rummet (My Journey to Space)
    with Henrik Bendix and Thomas Djursing
    Politikens Forlag, 2016

Mullane, Richard

STS-41D, STS-27, STS-26

Musgrave, Story

STS-6, STS-51F, STS-33, STS-44, STS-61, STS-80

Nelson, Bill


Neri (Vela), Rodolfo


  • The Blue Planet, A Trip to Space
    Vantage Press, 1989

  • 2035: Emergency Mission to Mars
    Vantage Press, 1990

  • Manned Space Stations: Their Construction, Operation, and Potential Application
    European Space Agency

  • Los Eclipses: El Movimiento Del Universo
    Grupo Editorial Iberoamerica S.A., 1991

  • Satélites de Comunicaciones
    McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de España, 1991

Nespoli, Paolo

STS-120, Soyuz TMA-20, ISS 26/27

Noguchi, Soichi

STS-114, Soyuz TMA-17, ISS 22/23

O'Leary, Brian


Ockels, Wubbo


  • Unser Weg Ins All
    with R. Furrer, E. Messerschmid and U. Merbold
    Westermann Verlag, 1985

Olivas, John

STS-117, STS-128

Olsen, Gregory

Soyuz TMA-7

Parazynski, Scott

STS-66, STS-86, STS-95, STS-100, STS-120

Parmitano, Luca

Soyuz TMA-09M, ISS 36/37

Peake, Timothy

Soyuz TMA-19M, ISS 46/47

Pettit, Don

STS-113, ISS-6, STS-126, Soyuz TMA-03M, ISS-30/31

Pogue, William

Skylab 3

Pontes, Marcos

Soyuz TMA-8

  • É Possível! Como Transformar Seus Sonhos em Realidade
    Chris McHilliard Editora, 2010

  • Missão Cumprida: A História Completa da Primeira Missão Espacial Brasileira
    Chris McHilliard Editora, 2011

Rebrov, Mikhail

former candidate

  • The Moon and Man
    with G. Khozin
    Peace Publishers

  • Cosmonauts of the USSR
    with Vladimir Shatalov
    Prosveshceniye, 1980

  • To The Stars
    with V. Shatalov and Vaskevich
    Planeta, 1982

  • Save Our Earth
    Firebird Pub., 1989

Ride, Sally

STS-7, STS-41G

Ross, Jerry

STS-61B, STS-27, STS-37, STS-55, STS-74, STS-88, STS-110

Ryazansky, Sergey

Soyuz TMA-10M, ISS 37/38, Soyuz MS-05, ISS 52/53

Schirra, Walter

Mercury 8, Gemini 6, Apollo 7

Schmitt, Harrison

Apollo 17

Scott, David

Gemini 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 15

Scott, Winston

STS-72, STS-87

Searfoss, Rick

STS-58, STS-76, STS-90

Seddon, Rhea

STS-51D, STS-40, STS-58

Sevastiyanov, Vitali

Soyuz 9, Soyuz 18

  • Into Space
    Malysh Publishers, 1980

Sharman, Helen

Soyuz TM-12

Shatalov, Vladimir

Soyuz 4, Soyuz 8, Soyuz 10

  • USSR-Cuba: Friends Forever
    Novosti, 1978

  • Cosmonauts of the USSR
    with Mikhail Rebrov
    Prosveshceniye, 1980

  • To The Stars
    with M. Rebrov and Vaskevich
    Planeta, 1982

Shepard, Alan

Mercury 3, Apollo 14

Slayton, Donald

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Stafford, Thomas

Gemini 6, Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Sullivan, Kathryn

STS-41G, STS-31, STS-45

Thiele, Gerhard


Thomas, Donald

STS-65, STS-70, STS-83, STS-94

Titov, Gherman

Vostok 2

Viehböck, Franz

Soyuz TM-13

  • Austromir 91
    with Clemens Lothaller
    Tau, 1991

Walter, Ulrich


  • In 90 Minuten um die Erde
    Stürtz Verlag, 1997

  • Sind wir alleine?

Williams, Dave

STS-90, STS-118

Williams, Jeffrey

STS-101, Soyuz TMA-8, ISS 13, TMA-16, ISS 21/22

Worden, Alfred

Apollo 15

Young, John

Gemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, STS-1, STS-9

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