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The STS-108 Official Flight Kit

November 29, 2001 — A U.S. flag recovered from the World Trade Center, a cylinder record which belonged to inventor Thomas Edison, and golf course markers from Scotland and Ireland are among the more than 11,500 items carried aboard Endeavour as part of the STS-108 Official Flight Kit (OFK).

Flown on request of the various NASA facilities and the STS-108 crew, the OFK's contents — including flags, banners, emblems, decals, seals, patches, and small medallions — were hermetically sealed and then stowed aboard the orbiter for the duration of the flight.

In addition to the various mementos, NASA also chose items to honor the victims and heroes of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Included are patches for the New York police and fire departments who led the recovery and the shields of 23 New York police offers who lost their lives on Sept. 11.

NASA's "Flags for Heroes and Families" campaign flew 6,000 small American flags to be distributed post-flight to the victims' families and emergency response teams.

"NASA wanted to come up with an appropriate tribute to the people who lost their lives in the tragic events of September 11," said former NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. "America's space program has a long history of carrying items into space to commemorate historic events, acts of courage and dramatic achievements. 'Flags for Heroes and Families' is a natural extension of this ongoing outreach project."

STS-108 is the 12th space shuttle mission to visit the International Space Station. Endeavour will deliver the Expedition 4 crew — Commander Yuri Onufrienko of Rosaviakosmos and American flight engineers Carl Walz and Dan Bursch — and return the Expedition 3 crew. Dom Gorie will command STS-108 with Mark Kelly as pilot. Astronauts Linda Godwin and Dan Tani are mission specialists for this flight.

The following is the manifest for the STS-108 Official Flight Kit as provided by the NASA Johnson Space Center:

No.   Description   Sponsor/Purpose
1.   600 Each STS-108 Crew Patches   Agency Presentation
2.   300 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags   Agency Presentation
3.   2 Sets (4"x6") U.S. States & Territories Flags   Agency Presentation
4.   3 Sets (4"x6") United Nations Members Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Each Small (4"x6") Russian Flags
  2. 5 Each Small (4"x6") Ukraine Flags
  3. 25 Each Small (4"x6") Texas Flags
  Agency Presentation
6.   1 Set of Small (4"x6") Russian Territorial Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Each Small Meatball Lapel Pins
  2. 5 Each Small Gold International Space Station Lapel Pins
  3. 5 Each Small Gold NASA Seals
  4. 1 Large Bronze NASA Seal
  5. 1 Large Pewter NASA Seal
  Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Each Small United States/Japan Friendship Pins
  2. 5 Each Small United States/Russia Friendship Pins
  3. 5 Each Small United States/Spain Friendship Pins
  4. 5 Each Small United States/Italy Friendship Pins
  5. 5 Each Small United States/Canada Friendship Pins
  6. 5 Each Small United States/Mexico Friendship Pins
  Agency Presentation
  1. 75 Each Expedition 3 Crew Patches
  2. 10 Expedition 3 T-Shirts (Up on STS-105 down on STS-108)
  Agency Presentation
10.   9 Small (4"x6") Flags of Texas   Agency Presentation
11.   9 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Florida   Agency Presentation
12.   2 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Louisiana   Agency Presentation
13.   5 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of New Jersey   Agency Presentation
14.   10 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Missouri   Agency Presentation
15.   6 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Illinois   Agency Presentation
16.   15 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Ireland   Agency Presentation
17.   110 Small (4"x6") Flags of Russia   Agency Presentation
18.   5 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Ohio   Agency Presentation
19.   5 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Pennsylvania   Agency Presentation
20.   25 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of New York   Agency Presentation
  1. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Air Force Flags
  2. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Marine Corps. Flags
  3. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Army Flags
  4. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Coast Guard Flags
  Agency Presentation
22.   30 Each Small (4"x6") United States Navy Flags   Agency Presentation
23.   100 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Italy   Agency Presentation
24.   600 Each Expedition 4 Crew Patches   Agency Presentation
  1. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags
  2. 10 Each Small (4"x6") Alabama State Flags
  Marshall Space Flight Center Presentation
  1. 2 Each Small (4"x6") United State Flags
  2. 50 Each Environmental Patches
  Kennedy Space Center Presentation
  1. 10 Each Small (4"x6") Louisiana State Flags
  2. 10 Each Small (4"x6") Mississippi State Flags
  3. 5 Each Small (4"x6") NASA Flags
  4. 5 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags
  Stennis Space Center Presentation
  1. 120 Each Silver Snoopy Pins
  2. 200 Each Small (4"x6") Endeavour Flags
  3. 100 Each Small (4"x6") ISS Flags
  NASA Space Flight Awareness Presentation
29.   10 Each STS-108 Embroidered Crew Patches   Boeing Space Flight Awareness Presentation
  1. 25 STS-108 Crew Patches
  2. 62 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags
  3. 1 Each Small (4"x6") Florida State Flag
  4. 1 Each GPS Team Delta Patch
  5. 1 Each USAF Chief Master Sergeant Chevron
  6. 2 Each 114th Combat Comm. Squadron Coins
  7. 1 Each Michigan Adjutant General Coin
  8. 1 Each National Guard Family Readiness & Support Coin
  9. 1 Each Brig General Baker T-34B Beechcraft Coin
  10. 20 Each DoD Manned Space Flight Support Office Patches
  11. 10 Each DoD Manned Space Flight Support Office Coins
  12. 3 Sets (6 Each) USAF Lieutenant Colonel Insignia
  13. 2 Sets (4 Each) USAF Major Insignia
  JSC USAF Presentation
31.   25 Each Small EVA Patches   JSC EVA Project Office Presentation
32.   1 Each Small Medallion   Boeing/USAF Presentation
33.   3 Each Large (3'x5') United States Flags   Agency Presentation
34.   6,000 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags   Agency Presentation
35.   1 Each Flag/Pennant   JSC/ESA Presentation (Taranto, Italy)
Items 36 through 41 are manifested at the request of the ISS UF-1 Payload Customer.
  1. 300 Sheets- Bookmarks (8"x11")
  2. 100 Each Silver Shuttle Pins
  Space Shuttle Program
  1. 200 Each ISS Cloth Patches
  2. 100 Each STS-108 Crew Patches
  3. 150 Each Silver ISS Pins
  4. 150 Each UF-1 Patches
  ISS Program
  1. 200 Each Paper Decals Mach-1 (4"x5" Oval)
  2. 20 Each Stickers -Mach-1
  3. 4 Each Sheets Stickers -Mach-1
  4. 100 Each Mach-1 CAPL Paper Stickers (4"x6")
  5. 200 Each Mach-1 Holigraph Cards (3"x5" Cards)
  6. 199 Each Mach-1 ACE Pins
  Goddard Space Flight Center
  1. 50 Each ADF Cloth Patches (3"x5")
  2. 2 Each Packages of ADF Paper Decals
  3. 248 Each American Flags (4"x6")
  4. 17 Each Patches
  Ames Research Center
  1. 17 Each Decals (Utah State, Moscow, Box Elder, Shoban) (3.5"x3.5")
  2. 50 Each Swedish Space Corporation Certificates (8.25"x11.5")
  3. 20 Each GAS-G-064 Certificates (8.5"x11")
  4. 11 Each Plastic Decals (11"x11") Penn State
  5. 20 Each Paper Posters (8.5"x11")
  6. 45 Each Medallions
  7. 18 Each Argentina Technologia Cloth Patches
  8. 15 Each UF-1 Crew Patches
  9. 10 Each Argentina Tech Pins
  10. 40 Each AATE Decals (3.25"x3.25")
  11. 30 Cloth Flag Patches (2.5"x3")
  12. 10 Each Argentina Flags (6.5"x10")
  13. 60 Each Decals -Microgravity Smoldering Combustion (4"x4")
  14. 100 Each Neiu #19 Pins
  15. 11 Each Rectangular Cards (3"x9")
  16. 10 Each SEM-15 Cloth Patches
  Wallops Flight Facility
41.   202 Each Small (4"x6") American Flags   Marshall Space Flight Center
Items 42 through 133 are manifested at the request of the STS-108 crewmembers.
42.   1 Each Organization Patch   New Zealand Space Association, Auckland, New Zealand
43.   1 Each School Banner (3"x5")   Ventana Vista Elementary, Tucson, AZ
44.   1 Each American Flag (3'x5')   Castle Rock Middle School, Castle Rock, CO
45.   1 Each School Banner (4.5'x2.5')   Kelley School, Newburyport, MA
46.   1 Each Los Angeles, Marathon Medal   Amgen/Commercial Biotech Module, Thousand Oaks, CA
47.   1 Each Small Gold Medallion   United States Merchant Marine Academy, Alumni Association, Kings Point, NY
48.   1 Each New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal   City of West Orange, West Orange, NJ
49.   1 Each Flagler Beach Flag (2'x4')   City of Flagler Beach, Flagler Beach, FL
50.   1 Each Class Photo (8"x10")   City of Roscommon, Roscommon, MI
51.   1 Each Small Gold Medallion   United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY
52.   1 Each Athletic Letter   Mountain High School, West Orange, NJ
53.   1 Each Squadron Patch   Strike Fighter Squadron 115, Lemoore, CA
54.   1 Each Mo Nunn Banner (3'x5')   Mo Nunn Racing, Indianapolis, IN
55.   1 Each Petty Banner (2'x1.5')   R. Petty Organization, Orlando, FL
56.   1 Each Foundation Banner (3'x5')   Moody Gardens Foundation, Galveston, TX
57.   1 Each Amberol Cylinder Phonographic Record   Thomas Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, NJ
58.   1 Each University Banner (2.5'x2')   University of Missouri College of Arts and Sciences, Cape Girardeau, MI
59.   1 Each University Cloth Banner (1.5'x3')   Southeast Missouri State University Physics Department, Cape Girardeau, MI
60.   1 Each University Cloth Banner (1.5'x3')   Southeast Missouri State University Math and Science Center, Cape Girardeau, MI
61.   1 Each Fraternity Lapel Pin   Lamda Phi of Alpha Phi Fraternity, Boston, MA
62.   1 Each Rotary Club Flag (1.5"x2")   Lombard Rotary Club, Lombard, IL
63.   1 Each Club Flag (18"x12")   Ballybunion Golf Club, County Kerry, Ireland
64.   1 Each Club Flag (18"x12")   Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews, Scotland
65.   1 Each Course Flag (18"x12")   St. Andrews Golf Course, St. Andrews, Scotland
66.   1 Each Club Banner (18"x12")   Glenbard East High School, Lombard, IL
67.   1 Each Golf Flag (18"x12")   Golf Scotland, St. Andrews, Scotland
68.   1 Each Golf Links Flag (3'x5')   Old Head Golf Links, Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland
69.   1 Each School Banner (3'x5')   Ballybunion Boy's School, Ballybunion, Ireland
70.   1 Each School Banner (3'x5')   Rockboro School, County Cork, Ireland
71.   1 Each School Banner (3'x5')   North Presentation Primary School, Cork, Ireland
72.   1 Each Restaurant Banner (3'x5')   The Tzar Restaurant, Skibbereen, Ireland
73.   1 Each Group 10 Patch   Submarine Group Ten, Kings Bay, GA
74.   1 Each Shoulder Board (5.5"x2.5")   United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
75.   1 Each US Navy Flag (1.5"x1")   USS Coronado, San Diego, CA
76.   1 Each US Navy Flag (1.5"x1")   United States Naval Academy, Alumni Association, Annapolis, MD
77.   1 Each NFO Wings   Training Squadron 10, Pensacola, FL
78.   1 Each School T-Shirt   Knowlton Township Elementary, Knowlton, NJ
79.   1 Each Document (First Report from the year 1903) (6"x3")   Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket, MA
80.   1 Each Rotary Club Banner (10"x7")   Nantucket Island Rotary Club, Nantucket, MA
81.   1 Each US Navy Flag (1.5"x1")   United States Navy, Washington, DC
82.   1 Each Space Warfare Center Patch   Space Warfare Center, Schriever AFB, CO
83.   1 Each Fire Department T-Shirt   Deer Park Fire Department, Deer Park, TX
84.   1 Each Space Command Patch   Air Force Space Command, Peterson AFB, CO
85.   1 Each Squadron Patch   1st Space Operations Squadron, Schriever AFB, CO
86.   1 Each Squadron Patch   2nd Space Operations Squadron, Schriever AFB, CO
87.   1 Each Squadron Patch   3rd Space Operations Squadron, Schriever AFB, CO
88.   1 Each Squadron Patch   4th Space Operations Squadron, Schriever AFB, CO
89.   1 Each Squadron Patch   21st Space Operations Squadron, Onizuka AFS, CA
90.   1 Each Squadron Patch   22nd Space Operations Squadron, Schriever AFB, CO
91.   1 Each Squadron Patch   23rd Space Operations Squadron, New Boston AFS, NH
92.   1 Each Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation, Houston, TX
93.   1 Each Navy Wings   Agency Presentation, Houston, TX
94.   1 Each Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation, Houston, TX
95.   1 Each Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation, Houston, TX
96.   1 Each Texas Pennant   Armand Bayou Elementary School, Houston, Texas
97.   1 Each Sorority Photograph   Chi Omega Sorority, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
98.   1 Each Town Seal   Town of Holly Hill, SC, Holly Hill, SC
99.   I Each Academy Shirt   U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
100.   1 Each Alumni Flag (3'x5')   USNA Alumni Association, Annapolis, MD
101.   1 Each Class Flag (3'x5')   USNA Class of 1971 Assoc., Annapolis, MD
102.   1 Each Center Banner   U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL
103.   1 Each Lander University Pennant   Lander University, Greenwood, SC
104.   1 Each MIR Signature Wheels   ISS Program, Houston, TX
105.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Russian Space Agency, Russia
106.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), Russia
107.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Mordovia School, Russia
108.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   GCTC, 1st Department, Russia
109.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   GCTC, 2nd Department, Russia
110.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   GCTC, 3rd Department, Russia
111.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Air Force Academy, Russia
112.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Military Air Force School, Russia
113.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Mission Control Center, Russia
114.   1 Each Russian Flag (4"x6")   Energia RSC, Russia
115.   1 Each Flag   Clear Creek School Band Booster, League City, TX
116.   1 Each Felt Banner   John Carroll University, University Heights, OH
117.   1 Each Baseball Cap   Joshua Elementary, Lancaster, CA
118.   1 Each Paperweight   Kent State University, Kent, OH
119.   1 Each School Banner   St. Care School, Lyndhurst, OH
120.   1 Each Scrapbook   Joshua Elementary, Lancaster, CA
121.   1 Each Patch   USAF Space Command, Colorado Springs, CO
122.   1 Each Sticker   Clear Creek High School, League City, TX
123.   1 Each Picture   Caribbean Preparatory School, San Juan, Puerto Rico
124.   1 Each Admiral Flag   Submarine Group 10, King's Bay, GA
125.   1 Each Letter Head   University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX
126.   1 Each Patch   Edward HG. White II Memorial Aerospace Museum, San Antonio, TX
127.   1 Each 1950 Class Ring   Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
128.   1 Each Patch   USNA Class of 1979, Annapolis, MD
129.   1 Each Anchor Insignia   USNA, Annapolis, MD
130.   1 Each Patch   Attack Squadron 34, Virginia Beach, VA
131.   1 Each Nametag   US Navy Test Pilot School, Paxtuxent River, MD
132.   1 Each Patch   USS America, Norfolk, VA
133.   1 Each Varsity Medallion   Vestal High School, Vestal, NY
134.   1 Each Small United States Lapel Pin   JSC Presentation
  1. 1 Each Large United States Flag
  2. 1 Each Large United States Marine Corps Colors Flag
  3. 1 Each Large United States Flag
  Agency Presentation
  1. 23 Each NYC Police Officer Shields
  2. 91 Each NYC Police Officer Patches
  3. Fire Dept. Patches
  Agency Presentation

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STS-108 In Brief

Mission: ISS UF-1
Orbiter: Endeavour
Pad: 39B
Launch: Dec. 5, 2001
5:19pm ET
Docking: Dec. 7, 2001
3:03pm ET
EVAs: 1 space walk
Undocking: Dec. 15, 2001
12:58am ET
Landing: Dec. 17, 2001
12:55pm ET
Duration: 11 days, 19 hours, 36 mins