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The STS-113 Official Flight Kit (OFK)

November 11, 2002

— STS-113 delivers the Expedition 6 crew and the P1 truss to International Space Station. The orbiting laboratory's current residents, the Expedition 5 crew, will return to Earth with the space shuttle Endeavour, wrapping a stay that spanned more than five months.

As with each shuttle mission, the STS-113 crew is flying their choice of souvenirs and mementos, stowed inside a middeck locker for the duration of the flight.

In addition to the usual patches and medallions, several items onboard mark the flight of John Herrington, the first American Indian astronaut. Flown on behalf of Herrington for various organizations and institutions, the keepsakes include eagle feathers, Chickasaw and Crow Nation flags, two arrowheads, wooden flutes and Hopi pottery.

The following manifest details the STS-113 Official Flight Kit, as provided by NASA:

No.   Description   Sponsor/Purpose
  1. 600 STS-113 Crew Patches
  2. 600 Expedition 6 Patches
  Agency Presentation
2.   400 Small United States Flags   Agency Presentation
3.   2 Sets U.S. States & Territories Flags   Agency Presentation
4.   3 Sets United Nations Members Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Small Russian Flags
  2. 5 Small Ukraine Flags
  3. 1 Small Russian Territorial Flag
  4. 5 Small NASA Flags
  5. 5 Small Texas Flags
  Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Meatball Lapel Pins
  2. 5 Gold Space Station Lapel Pins
  3. 5 Small Gold NASA Seals
  4. 1 Large Bronze NASA Seal
  5. 1 Large Pewter NASA Seal
  Agency Presentation
  1. 5 US/Japan Friendship Pins
  2. 5 US/Russia Friendship Pins
  3. 5 US/Spain Friendship Pins
  4. 5 US/Italy Friendship Pins
  5. 5 US/Canada Friendship Pins
  6. 5 US/Mexico Friendship Pins
  Agency Presentation
8.   Small US State Flags as Follows:
  1. 20 Texas
  2. 10 New York
  3. 10 Oregon
  4. 5 Colorado
  5. 5 Wyoming
  6. 5 Oklahoma
  7. 5 Indiana
  Agency Presentation
9.   Small Flags of the Following Countries:
  1. 30 Spain
  2. 30 Russia
  Agency Presentation
10.   Small US Military Flags as Follows:
  1. 40 US Navy
  2. 10 US Air Force
  3. 5 US Army
  4. 5 US Marine Corps
  5. 5 US Coast Guard
  Agency Presentation
  1. 10 Small US Flags
  2. 10 Small Alabama State Flags
  Marshall Space Flight Center Presentation
12.   2 Small US Flags   Kennedy Space Center Presentation
  1. 10 Small Louisiana State Flags
  2. 10 Small Mississippi State Flags
  3. 5 Small NASA Flags
  4. 5 Small US Flags
  Stennis Space Center Presentation
14.   10 STS-113 Embroidered Crew Patches   Boeing Space Flight Awareness Presentation
15.   15 Small SR&QA Patches   JSC Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance Office Presentation
16.   1 Small Pottery Piece   Johnson Space Center Presentation

Items 17 through 114 are manifested at the request of the STS-113 crewmembers.

17.   School Letter   Lutheran South Academy, Houston, TX
18.   Photograph   Iron Dragon Defense Academy, Seabrook, TX
19.   US Flag   University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
20.   US Flag   The Tonight Show, Los Angeles, CA
21.   US Flag   E Street Band, New York, NY
22.   US Flag   Late Night with Conan O'Brien Show, New York, NY
23.   US Flag   Champions Gymnastics, Houston, TX
24.   US Flag   Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Indianapolis, IN
25.   US Flag   St. Cecilia & James Catholic School, Mequon, WI
26.   US Flag   GARRI Productures, Los Angeles, CA
27.   Bolo Eagle Tie   National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City, OK
28.   Gold Chief Badge   Belmont Police Station, Belmont, MA
29.   Silver Police Badge   Belmont City Hall, Belmont, MA
30.   School T-Shirt   School of the Creative & Performing Arts, Lexington, KY
31.   Boy's Ranch Shirt   Boy's Ranch, Amarillo, TX
32.   University Banner   University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
33.   Gold Badge   Houston Livestock Show & Radeo, Houston, TX
34.   School T-Shirt   International School of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
35.   University Banner   Harvard University, Boston, MA
36.   Brochure   Aquarius Training, Key Largo, FL
37.   Team Jersey   Houston Astros, Houston, TX
38.   T-Shirt   Real Madrid Futbol Club, Madrid, Spain
39.   NBL Banner   Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Houston, TX
40.   Certificate   Museo Expanol del Espacio, Cadiz, Spain
41.   University Banner   Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran, Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain
42.   Cloth Emblem Pin   Association of Naval Aviation, Alexandria, VA
43.   Plaque with Lion   Danish Navy, Copenhagen, Denmark
44.   Banner   Chicksaw Nation, Ada, OK
45.   Banner   Crow Nation, Lodge Grass, MT
46.   Baseball Hat   USS Chicksaw Reunion Association, Lady Lake, FL
47.   Arrowhead   Edith D. Wolford Elementary, Black Forest, CO
48.   Ceremonial Rope   Steele School, Colorado Springs, CO
49.   Eagle Feather   American Indian Science & Engineering Society, Albuquerque, NM
50.   Eagle Feather   Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC
51.   School Pennant   University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO
52.   School Shirt   Wetumka High School, Wetumka, OK
53.   Wooden Flute   State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK
54.   STS-113 Silver Medallion   Pineland Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO
55.   STS-113 Silver Medallion   American Indian Tribal Association, Colorado Springs, CO
56.   STS-113 Silver Medallion   Livingston High School, Livingston, GA
57.   STS-113 Silver Medallion   Hartford Airport, Greenville, CO
58.   STS-113 Silver Medallion   Nelson Software Company, League City, TX
59.   Photograph of Signatures   COSS Lab, JSC, Houston, TX
60.   Rock   American Indian Heritage Foundation, Falls Church, VA
61.   Brochure   The Zarnoskoretsky Bank, Moscow Russia
62.   International Space Station Lapel Pin   Constitution of Chuvash Republic, Chuvash, Russia
63.   International Space Station Banner   Council of Russian Federation, Chuvash, Russia
64.   Russian Medallion   Moscow Regional Duma, Moscow, Russia
65.   Council Lapel Pin   Council of Chuvash Federation, Chuvash, Russia
66.   Russian Medallion   Federation of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
67.   Duma Flag   Yamalstroi Company, Moscow, Russia
68.   International Space Station Banner   Russian Parliament, Moscow, Russia
69.   Council Lapel Pin   40th Anniversary of Space Affiliation, Star City, Russia
70.   International Space Station Lapel Pin   Moscow Duma Building, Moscow, Russia
71.   Expedition 6 Patch   Little Rock Children's Facility, Little Rock, AR
72.   Expedition 6 Patch   Harris County Medical Branch, Houston, TX
73.   Expedition 6 Patch   Morris Entertainment, Hollywood, CA
74.   Expedition 6 Patch   Bellaire Hospital, Houston, TX
75.   Expedition 6 Patch   Homestead Museum, Homestead, FL
76.   Expedition 6 Patch   Quail Tool Company, Henderson, TX
77.   Office Banner   JSC Exploration Office, Houston, TX
78.   W5RRR Patch   Ham Radio Association, Sacramento, CA
79.   W5RRR Patch   Amateur Radio Club, Houston, TX
80.   Expedition 6 Patch   Botanical Gardens, Atlanta, GA
81.   Chief of Staff Medallion   United States Air Force Chief of Staff, Houston, TX
82.   Space Command Medallion   United States Space Command, Colorado Springs, CO
83.   Rock   Crazy Horse Memorial, Colorado Springs, CO
84.   US Flag   Children's Circle School, Van Nuys, CA
85.   Wooden Flute   State of Wyoming, Cheyenne, WY
86.   Wooden Flute   University of Colorado, Department of American Indian Science & Engineering, Colorado Springs, CO
87.   US Flag   Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
88.   US Flag   Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
89.   US Flag   Walt Disney World Cartooning Division, Orlando, FL
90.   US Flag   Local 47 Musicians Union, Hollywood, CA
91.   School Patch   Priceville Elementary School, Huntsville, AL
92.   School Picture   Lake Travis Elementary, Austin, TX
93.   Gold Badge   Fire Station Consolidation, Belmont, PA
94.   Silver Badge   Belmont Volunteer Station 1, Belmont, PA
95.   Fire Department Patch   Richland Township Department, Cambria County, PA
96.   Fire Department Patch   Solomon Run Fire Department, Cambria County, PA
97.   EVA Figurine   Hamilton Standard Space Systems, Cobb County, GA
98.   Historical Banner   Elkton Historical Society, Prospect, TN
99.   Stuffed Mascot   Derusha Indian Association, Plymouth, MA
100.   Eagle Feather   Six Directions, Taos, NM
101.   US Flag   Walt Disney World Animation Division, Orlando, FL
102.   School Banner   Plano Senior High School, Plano, TX
103.   Polo Shirt   Space Center Intermediate, Houston, TX
104.   Bolo Tie   Armand Bayou Elementary, Houston, TX
105.   Silver Key to City   City of Colorado Springs, CO
106.   Eagle Feather   Cherokee Tribe of Northeastern Alabama, Birmingham, AL
107.   NASA Hat   Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation, Birmingham, AL
108.   Space Shuttle Model   Riverton Senior High School, Colorado Springs, CO
109.   Beaded Necklace   Mississippi Band of Choctaw, Philadelphia, MS
110.   Space Shuttle Model   Ash Grove Elementary, Colorado Springs, CO
111.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation Item
112.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation Item
113.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation Item
114.   Gold Navy Wings   Agency Presentation Item

Items 115 through 119 are manifested at the request of the STS-113 payload customers.

  1. 40 ISS-11A Lapel Pins
  2. 130 ISS-11A Patches
  JSC/OC/ISS-11A Presentation
  1. 39 Packets of Seeds (ADVASC)
  2. 61 ARCTIC Decals
  3. 35 HRF Decals
  4. 200 PFMI Decals
  5. 200 SUBSA Decals
  6. 100 ZCG Decals
  7. 74 ZCG Patches
  8. 200 CSLM Decals
  9. 62 IMC Lapel Pins
  10. 255 Boeing Lapel Pins
  11. 30 HRF Patches
  JSC/OZ Presentation
117.   285 MEPSI Decals   JSC/ZR Presentation
118.   300 Pages of Bookmarks   JSC Space Shuttle Program Presentation
  1. 145 Silver Snoopy Pins
  2. 250 Small Endeavour Flags
  3. 600 Small ISS Flags
  NASA Space Flight Awareness Program
120.   School T-Shirt   Johnson Space Center Presentation
121.   5 Gold KSC Medallions   Kennedy Space Center Presentation
  1. 10 STS-113 Crew Patches
  2. 10 Small US Flags
  3. 20 Department of Defense Patches
  4. 5 114th Combat Comm Sq Coins
  5. 1 Florida ANG State Command Chief Coin
  6. 3 Florida ANG Adjutant General Coins
  7. 5 Department of Defense Space Test Program Patches
  8. 2 Small POW/MIA Flags
  JSC USAF Presentation
123.   22 JSC Medallions   Johnson Space Center Presentation
124.   School Banner   Johnson Space Center Presentation
125.   7 Baseball Hats   Agency Presentation

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STS-113 In Brief
Mission: ISS Flight 11A
Orbiter: Endeavour
Pad: 39A
Launch: November 23, 2002
7:50 p.m. ET
Docking: November 25, 2002
4:59 p.m. ET
Undocking: December 2, 2002
3:05 p.m. ET
Landing: December 7, 2002
2:37 p.m. ET
Duration: 13 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes