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The STS-112 Official Flight Kit (OFK)

October 7, 2002 — The STS-112 mission sets the stage for the expansion of the International Space Station with the delivery of the S1 (S-One) Truss. The STS-112 crew will make three spacewalks to install, activate and outfit the S1, which will be attached to the starboard end of the S0 (S-Zero) Truss.

In addition to the S1, shuttle Atlantis carries nearly 4,000 mementos for the crew and NASA to distribute post-flight. These items include flags, banners, emblems, decals, seals, patches, and small medallions — all of which were hermetically sealed and stowed for the length of the flight.

The following manifest details the STS-112 Official Flight Kit, as provided by NASA:

No.   Description   Sponsor/Purpose
1.   600 STS-112 Crew Patches   Agency Presentation
2.   400 Small United States Flags   Agency Presentation
3.   2 Sets U.S. States & Territories Flags   Agency Presentation
4.   3 Sets United Nations Members Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Small Russian Flags
  2. 5 Small Ukraine Flags
  3. 1 Small Russian Territorial Flag
  4. 5 Small NASA Flags
  5. 5 Small Texas Flags
  Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Meatball Lapel Pins
  2. 5 Gold Space Station Lapel Pins
  3. 5 Small Texas Lapel Pins
  Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Small US/Japan Friendship Pins
  2. 5 Small US/Russia Friendship Pins
  3. 5 Small US/Italy Friendship Pins
  4. 5 Small US/Germany Friendship Pins
  5. 5 Small US/United Kingdom Friendship Pins
  Agency Presentation
8.   10 Each Small Flags of the Following States:
  1. Colorado
  2. Wyoming
  3. Idaho
  4. New York
  5. Illinois
  6. Missouri
  7. Indiana
  Agency Presentation
9.   30 Small Flags of the United Kingdom   Agency Presentation
10.   20 Small Flags of the Following Countries:
  1. Scotland
  2. Wales
  3. Ireland
  4. England (St. George's Cross)
  Agency Presentation
11.   100 Small Flags of the Russian Federation   Agency Presentation
12.   105 Small World Space Congress Flags   Agency Presentation
13.   10 Small Flags of the Following
  1. United States Army
  2. United States Navy
  3. United States Air Force
  4. United States Marine Corps
  5. United States Coast Guard
  Agency Presentation
  1. 10 Small United States Flags
  2. 10 Small Alabama State Flags
  Marshall Space Flight Center Presentation
  1. 2 Small United States Flags
  2. 25 KSC Patches
  3. 10 KSC Gold Metal Etchings
  Kennedy Space Center Presentation
  1. 10 Small Louisiana State Flags
  2. 10 Small Mississippi State Flags
  3. 5 Small NASA Flags
  4. 5 Small United States Flags
  Stennis Space Center Presentation
17.   10 STS-111 Embroidered Crew Patches   Boeing Space Flight Awareness Presentation
18.   25 Small SR&QA Patches   JSC Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Office Presentation
  1. 65 Silver Snoopy Pins
  2. 132 Small Atlantis Flags
  3. 100 Small ISS Flags
  NASA Space Flight Awareness Presentation
20.   1 Small Electronic Disk   JSC/Lockheed Martin Presentation
21.   1 Flag of Scotland   ESA Presentation
Items 22 through 27 are manifested at the request of the STS-112 payload customers.
  1. 200 ISS-9A Patches
  2. 25 ISS Expedition 5 Patches
  JSC ISS-9A Presentation
  1. 51 Weyerhaeuser Lapel Pins
  2. 50 Plum Creek Lapel Pins
  3. 50 Forest Service Lapel Pins
  4. 45 Tulane Patches
  5. 45 Crabarray Patches
  6. 500 Arabidopsis Seeds
  7. 1 Forest Service Shield
  JSC CGBA & PGBA Presentation
  1. 55 SHIMMER Patches
  2. 83 United States Flag Patches
  JSC/DoD Presentation
25.   300 Sheets of 8-1/2"x11" Bookmarks   Space Shuttle Program Office Presentation
26.   250 ISS-9A S1 Truss Payload Pins   International Space Station Program Presentation
27.   100 ISS-9A Mission Patches   International Space Station Program Presentation
28.   1 Small ASCE Brass Plate   Agency Presentation
Items 29 through 92 are manifested at the request of the STS-112 crewmembers.
29.   Silver Command Medallion   Naval Aviation Schools Command, Pensacola, FL
30.   Foundation Pin   Melanoma Research Foundation, Lake Forest, CA
31.   Silk Cloth   Webster Presbyterian Church, Webster, TX
32.   Institute Patch   Institute of Ecology and Resource Management, Edinburgh, Scotland
33.   University Flag   University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
34.   United States Flag   Hoekman Inc., Houston, TX
35.   Mustang Medallion   U.S. Navy Mustang Association, Norfolk, VA
36.   Stuffed Mascot   Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX
37.   Umbrella   BAE Systems, Hampshire, England
38.   Truman Bell Cap   USS Harry S. Truman, Norfolk, VA
39.   Switchplate   Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
40.   College Banner   Nazareth College, Rochester, NY
41.   Stuffed Mascot   Clara Barton School, Fairport, NY
42.   Shuttle Patch   Downes Elementary School, Newark, DE
43.   Statement of Mission Banner   Marymount School, New York, NY
44.   Star Poster   Council Rock Primary School, Rochester, NY
45.   Signed AnthroTronix Logo   AnthroTronix, College Park, MD
46.   Park Flag   Wilson Commencement Park, Rochester, NY
47.   Pern Star Map   Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland
48.   League Banner   Cherry Hill Little League, Cherry Hill, NJ
49.   Group Banner   Procedure Writer's Group, Moscow, Russia
50.   City Flag   City of Belleville, Belleville, IL
51.   School Banner   Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
52.   Mighty Maroon Medal on Ribbon   Belleville West High School, Belleville, IL
53.   School T-shirt   Central Junior High School, Belleville, IL
54.   CMA Pin   American Association of Medical Assistants, Chicago, IL
55.   University Flag   Ross University, New York, NY
56.   University Banner   University of Missouri, Rolla Rolla, MO
57.   United States Flag   United Lawyers Group, Chicago, IL
58.   Society Patch   Illinois Society of Medical Assistants, Belleville, IL
59.   STS-112 Silver Medallion   IHC Temple, Indianapolis, IN
60.   STS-112 Silver Medallion   Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
61.   STS-112 Silver Medallion   Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
62.   Medical College Postcard   Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, IN
63.   Purdue University Postcard   Visual Collections Museum, Indianapolis, IN
64.   School Mission Statement   International School of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN
65.   Benjamin Harrison Ribbon   President Benjamin Harrison Home, Indianapolis, IN
66.   Harrison for President Bandana   Benjamin Harrison Foundation, Indianapolis, IN
67.   Group Logo   Houston Support Group, Houston, TX
68.   School Charter Photograph   Cranbrook School, Kent, England
69.   GEWEX Decal   Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
70.   COLA Banner   Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA), Calverton, MD
71.   EOS Patch   Earth Observing Systems (EOS), Greenbelt, MD
72.   Airplane Model   British Airways, London, England
73.   Branch Poster   Biospheric Sciences Branch, Greenbelt, MD
74.   IGBP Logo   University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
75.   Foundation Flag   Make A Wish Foundation, Houston, TX
76.   Center Photograph   National Space Center, Leicester, England
77.   Antenna   UMD Project Comm System, Moscow, Russia
78.   Group Photograph   Timatik, Moscow, Russia
79.   Energia Banner   Energia, Korolov, Russia
80.   Center Patch   Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, Russia
81.   Company Flag   Avikos Insurance Company, Moscow, Russia
82.   Company Magazine   R & K Company, Moscow, Russia
83.   Ajaria Flag   Administration of the Ajarian Autonomous Republic, Ajaria, Georgia
84.   Flag of Russia   Administration of the Shelkovo Region, Shelkovo, Russia
85.   Flag of Russia   Administration of Korolev City, Korolev, Russia
86.   Flag of Greece   City of Athens, Athens, Greece
87.   Air Force Wings   Agency Presentation
88.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
89.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
90.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
91.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
92.   Small School Mascot   Brent Elementary School, Little Elm, Texas

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STS-112 In Brief

Mission: ISS Flight 9A
Orbiter: Atlantis
Pad: 39B
Launch: October 7, 2002
3:46pm EDT
Docking: October 9, 2002
11:17am EDT
Undocking: October 16, 2002
9:13am EDT
Landing: October 18, 2002
11:44am EDT
Duration: 10 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes