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August 10, 2001 — With the successful launch of space shuttle Discovery today, the STS-105 crew has embarked on a flight to bring three residents to the International Space Station, deliver additional scientific equipment and supplies, conduct two spacewalks and return three current expedition crew members to Earth.

They will dock with the station, attach a 20,000 pound "moving van," unstow and install experiments, re-pack the van with refuse, detach and undock all while circling the planet an estimated 190 times in slightly under 12 days.

Also with them are more than 15,000 mementos destined for post-flight presentation to NASA employees, partners, contractors and other friends of the STS-105 crew, space agency and United States government.

Flown for foreign nations, schools and for institutions such as museums and professional organizations, STS-105's Official Flight Kit (OFK) includes flags, banners, emblems, decals, seals, patches, and small medallions — all of which have been hermetically sealed and stowed on-board Discovery for the duration of the flight.

Among the more unusual items are:
  • a part of the first business computer — the Univac — courtesy the Smithsonian Institution;

  • the mascot from Peanuts comic strip creator Charles Schulz' museum; and,

  • an autographed National League baseball flown on behalf the Atlanta Braves.
Once back on Earth, these newly-created collectibles and artifacts will be distributed to their respective sponsors or presented to employees, contractors or representatives of international partners. If past OFKs serve as any model though, a small percentage of the items flown will also find their way to the collectors' market.

The following is the proposed manifest for the STS-105 Official Flight Kit as presented by NASA Johnson Space Center Deputy Director William Parsons to Roy Estess, Acting Director:

No.   Description   Sponsor/Purpose
1.   800 STS-105 Crew Patches   Agency Presentation
2.   300 Small (4"x6") United States Flags   Agency Presentation
3.   2 Sets (4"x6") U.S. States & Territories Flags   Agency Presentation
4.   3 Sets (4"x6") United Nations Members Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Each Small (4"x6") Russian Flags
  2. 5 Each Small (4"x6") Ukraine Flags
  3. 5 Each Small (4"x6") Texas Flags
  Agency Presentation
6.   1 Set of Small (4"x6") Russian Territorial Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Each Small Meatball Lapel Pins
  2. 5 Each Small Gold Shuttle Lapel Pins
  3. 5 Each Small Gold International Space Station Lapel Pins
  Agency Presentation
  1. 5 Each Small United States/Japan Friendship Pins
  2. 5 Each Small United States/Russia Friendship Pins
  3. 5 Each Small United States/France Friendship Pins
  4. 5 Each Small United States/Spain Friendship Pins
  5. 5 Each Small United States/Italy Friendship Pins
  6. 5 Each Small United States/Canada Friendship Pins
  7. 5 Each Small United States/Mexico Friendship Pins
  8. 5 Each Small United States/Germany Friendship Pins
  Agency Presentation
  1. 600 Expedition 3 Crew Patches (Up and down on STS-105)
  2. 75 Expedition 3 Crew Patches (Up on STS-105 down on STS-107)
  Agency Presentation
10.   1 Small (4"x6") Flag of Texas   Agency Presentation
11.   22 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of California   Agency Presentation
12.   2 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Georgia   Agency Presentation
13.   2 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Hawaii   Agency Presentation
14.   5 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Virginia   Agency Presentation
15.   5 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Massachusetts   Agency Presentation
16.   2 Each Small (4"x6") Flags of Vermont   Agency Presentation
17.   1 Small (4"x6") Flag of Deleware   Agency Presentation
18.   20 Each Small (4"x6") U.S. Air Force Flags   Agency Presentation
19.   20 Each Small (4"x6") U.S. Army Flags   Agency Presentation
20.   20 Each Small (4"x6") U.S. Marine Corps. Flags   Agency Presentation
21.   3 Each United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command Flags   Agency Presentation
22.   20 Each Small (4"x6") U.S. Coast Guard Flags   Agency Presentation
23.   20 Each Small (4"x6") U.S. Navy Flags   Agency Presentation
  1. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags
  2. 10 Each Small (4"x6") Alabama Flags
  Marshall Space Flight Center Presentation
  1. 2 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags
  2. 50 Each Environmental Patches
  Kennedy Space Center Presentation
  1. 100 Each Silver Snoopy Pins
  2. 100 Each Small (4"x6") Discovery Flags
  3. 100 Each Small (4"x6") ISS Flags
  NASA Space Flight Awareness Presentation
27.   10 Each STS-105 Embroidered Crew Patches   Boeing Space Flight Awareness Presentation
  1. 25 STS-105 Crew Patches
  2. b. 10 Each Small (4"x6") United States Flags
  3. 16 Each MISSE Payload Decals
  4. d. 5 Each OLAW Decals
  5. e. 5 Each Space Test Program Decals
  JSC USAF Presentation
29.   25 Each Small EVA Patches   JSC EVA Project Office Presentation
Items 30 through 39 are manifested at the request of the ISS-7A.1 Payload Customer.
  1. 9,400 Each Expedition 1 Decals
  2. -- Each STS-105 Crew Patches
  3. 5 Each Packages Tomato Seeds
  4. 1 Signature Sheet
  5. 2 Each Packages Carrot Seeds
  6. 100 Each STS-100 Stickers
  Space Flight Awareness Space Shuttle Program
  1. 100 Each ISS Cloth Patches
  2. 100 Each STS-105 Crew Patches
  3. 89 Each DCPCG Cloth Patches
  ISS Program
32.   140 Each ISS 6A Cloth Patches   ISS Program
33.   200 Each ISS Pins   Boeing
  1. 600 Each HEAT Decals
  2. 4 Each HEAT Cloth Emblems – Warm
  3. 4 Each HEAT Cloth Emblems – Cold
  4. 1 NASA Cloth Sheet – ACE
  5. 6 Each NASA Cloth Sheet – HEAT
  6. 100 Each ACE Decals
  7. 12 Each NASA Decals
  8. 1 NASA Cloth Patch
  9. 2 Each NASA GSFC Key Tags
  10. 2 Each Shuttle Bookmarks
  11. 2 Each Shuttle Postcards
  12. 5 Each University of Maryland Postcards
  13. 8 Each Assorted University of Maryland Decals
  14. 4 Each M – Terps Key Tags
  15. 1 M – Terp Cloth Key Tag
  Goddard Space Flight Center
  1. 59 Each SEM Decals
  2. 51 Each SSM Logo Sheets (8.5"x11")
  3. 5 Each Stuck on Space Logo Sheets (6.3"x10")
  4. 14 Each Stuck on Space Adhesives in Space Logo Sheets (8.5" x11")
  5. 4 Each Adhesives in Space Logo Sheets (Various Sizes)
  6. 6 Each AgiLaser Decal Sheets (8.5"x11")
  7. 181 Each G-780 Pins
  Goddard Space Flight Center
  1. 49 Each NEPTEC Cloth Patches
  2. 49 Each NEPTEC Laser Camera Cloth Patches
  3. 15 Each NEPTEC Decal Sheets
  4. 5 Each Canadian Flag Small Cloth Patches
  1. 150 Each STS-105 Crew Patches
  2. 1 ISS Cloth Patch
  3. 1 Shuttle/Mir Cloth Patch
  4. 1 ISS Gold Pin
  5. 1 Shuttle/Mir Pin
  1. 15 Each Small Italian Cloth Flags (3.5"x5")
  2. 15 Each Medium Italian Cloth Flags (5"x8")
  3. 15 Each Small ASI Cloth Flags (3.5"x5")
  4. 15 Each Medium Italian Cloth Flags (5"x8")
  1. 300 Each Commemorative Bookmark Sheets (8.5"x11")
  2. 54 Each Gold Shuttle Pins
  3. 26 Each Pewter Shuttle Pins
  4. 1000 Each Pewter Space Shuttle Pins (Individually wrapped)
  Space Shuttle Program
Items 40 through 93 are manifested at the request of the STS-105 crewmembers.
40.   Museum Patch   San Diego Aerospace Museum, San Diego, CA
41.   Airline Banner (2'x3')   Hawaiian Airlines, Honolulu, HI
42.   T-Shirt   Itiliti, Minneapolis, MN
43.   School Banner (2'x3')   Acacla Elementary School, Thousand Oaks, CA
44.   T-Shirt   Experimental Aircraft Association, Oshkosh, WI
45.   Univac Part (3.5"x5.5")   Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
46.   Computer Mouse Pad (8"x9.5")   Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
47.   Instructor's Flag (12"x19.5")   Hawaii Lifeguard Surf Instructors, Keauhou, HI
48.   United States Flag (3'x5')   Ventura County Discovery Center, Thousand Oaks, CA
49.   Univac Computer Printout   National Museum of American History, Washington, DC
50.   Guidon (20"x26")   Bravo Company 4th Regiment, West Point, NY
51.   Brass Medallion   United States Army Space Command, Colorado Springs, CO
52.   Association Banner (3'x5')   United States Tennis Association, New York, NY
53.   Brass Medallion   United States Army Office of the Vice Chief of Staff, Washington, DC
54.   Association Banner (3'x5')   Association of Academic Physiatrists, Indianapolis, IN
55.   Mascot (7.5"x6")   Charles Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, CA
56.   VS44 Artifact: External Airframe (5.25"x5")   New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT
57.   Compact Disk   Walt Disney World Corporation, Kissimmee, FL
58.   American Legion Banner (2'x3')   South Hadley American Legion, South Hadley, MA
59.   University Banner (3'x5')   Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
60.   Etched Silicon Chip in Container (3"x3")   Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
61.   Company Handkerchief (4"x6")   Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Nagoya, Japan
62.   T-Shirt   International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology, Boston, MA
63.   Foundation Banner (3'x5')   Sylvan Rodriguez Foundation, Houston, TX
64.   Guidon (3'x4'2")   USA Aviation Technical Test Center, Ft. Rucker, AL
65.   Gold Medallion on Strap   West Springfield High School, Springfield, VA
66.   Paint Rock (7"x7")   Washington Irving Middle School, Springfield, VA
67.   School Banner (18"x24")   Keene Mill Elementary School, Springfield, VA
68.   Guidon (20"x26")   Company A-2, USMA, West Point, NY
69.   Bicentennial Flag (24"x40.5")   United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
70.   Medallion (3.25"x3.25")   National Corvette Museum, Bolling Green, KY
71.   Brass Trivet (5.25"x5.25")   University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
72.   Gold Brigade Medallion   25th Aviation Brigade, Schofield Barricks, HI
73.   Autographed National League Baseball   Atlanta Braves, Atlanta, GA
74.   School Patch   Armand Bayou Elementary, Houston, TX
75.   Auburn Creed (8.5"x11" page)   Auburn University Auburn, AL
76.   Expedition 2 Silver Medallion   University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
77.   Expedition 2 Silver Medallion   University of Texas, Austin, TX
78.   Plaster from Extension Cottage (2.5"x4.75")   Auburn University College of Science and Mathematics, Auburn, AL
79.   University Gold Lapel Pin (.5"x.75")   East Carolina University Greensville, NC
80.   Auburn Pin (Blue A with Red Eagle)   Auburn University Athletic Department Auburn, AL
81.   Student Leader Photograph (8"x10")   Auburn University Student Leaders, Auburn, AL
82.   Compact Disk   Louis M. Martini Winery, Napa, CA
83.   T-Shirt   Cedar Park Middle School, Portland, OR
84.   School Patch (5"x5")   Emerson Magnet School, Wichita, KS
85.   T-Shirt   Brevard Elementary School, Brevard, NC
86.   Silver Matador Charm   Murchison Middle School, Austin, TX
87.   Super DLT Tape (4.125"x4.125"x1" deep)   Quantum, Colorado Springs, CO
88.   “J" Letter (8"x7")   Jackson City Schools, Jackson, OH
89.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
90.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
91.   Gold Astronaut Pin   Agency Presentation
92.   Silver Air Force Wings   Agency Presentation
93.   Silver Army Wings   Agency Presentation
94.   ISS Banner (2.5'x3.5') (Up on STS-104 down on STS-105)   Agency Presentation
95.   300 Each Expedition 2 Crew Patches (Up on STS-104 down on STS-105)   Johnson Space Center Presentation

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STS-105 In Brief

Mission: ISS 7A.1
Orbiter: Discovery
Pad: 39A
Launch: Aug. 10, 2001
5:10pm EDT
Docking: Aug. 12, 2001
2:42pm EDT
EVAs: 2 space walks
Undocking: Aug. 20, 2001
10:52am EDT
Landing: Aug. 22, 2001
2:23pm EDT
Duration: 11 days, 21 hours, 13 mins