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New Casio G-Shock watch celebrates NASA's pursuit of the moon

July 12, 2023

— NASA fans now have another reason to count down to this month's anniversary of the launch of the first Apollo lunar landing: the chance to acquire a limited edition timepiece celebrating the agency's pursuit of the moon.

Casio on Wednesday (July 12) revealed its fourth G-Shock digital watch to pay homage to the U.S. space program. Unlike previous releases though, this latest limited edition piece can only be had if your order is chosen in a drawing.

The contest closes on Sunday (July 16), 54 years to the day after Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins lifted off on the first mission to land humans on the moon. Those fortunate to have Casio select their order will have their purchase of $130 confirmed (Casio did not release the total number of watches available).

The new NASA G-Shock, referred to by its model number DW6900NASA237, features a matte white resin case, bezel and band. The space agency's "worm" logotype is displayed in red on the lower band and "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" is printed in black on the upper band. Additionally, a U.S. flag can adorns the band loop.

A depiction of the full Earth as seen from space is engraved on the watch's case back, as well as appears on the watch face when the backlight is activated.

"The DW6900NASA237 is the latest rendition of the branded timepiece in the series, reminding us that whether we look up or down, two of our favorite silhouettes are close at hand," Casio describes on its website. "In celebration of its 40th anniversary, G-Shock unites fans of both [the DW6900 model watch and NASA] and pays homage to a beloved and influential style, inviting enthusiasts to come together and revel in the distinctive aura of this new timepiece."

"The iconic G-Shock DW6900 silhouette is renowned for its robustness and reliability, making it the perfect companion for any adventure, whether it be earthly or extraterrestrial," Casio's site reads.

The DW6900NASA237 comes packaged in an outer box displaying the moon set against a semi-matte black background and an inner tin decorated to resemble the iconic black and white appears of the Apollo-era Saturn V rocket.

In addition to releasing new NASA-branded models, the Casio G-Shock has its own history with the U.S. space program, being among the wristwatches that the agency approved for use on the space shuttle and aboard the International Space Station. Crew members could, and still today can wear any personal timepieces they desire, but for official purposes, space shuttle astronauts were limited to a choice between the G-Shock, Timex Ironman and Omega Speedmaster, among a few other watches.

The new DW6900NASA237 is the first NASA-branded G-Shock to diverge from the square-shaped profile that was worn in space. Previous commemorative releases, all long sold out, have included the 2020 DW5600NASA20, which also featured an all-white design; the 2021 DW5600NASA21-1, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of a first space shuttle launch; and the 2022 GWM5610NASA4, which was bright orange in reference to the pressure suits NASA astronauts wear for launch and entry.

In addition to its NASA-specific design features, the new DW6900NASA237 also has stopwatch and countdown functions, multiple alarms and is water resistant.


Casio has introduced its fourth NASA-branded G-Shock timepiece celebrating the pursuit of the moon. (Casio G-Shock)

The Casio G-Shock DW6900NASA237 comes in special packaging including an Apollo-era Saturn V-inspired tin. (Casio G-Shock)

The Casio G-Shock DW6900NASA237 displays the NASA logo on the lower band and "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" on the upper band and has a depiction of Earth engraved on its case back. (Casio G-Shock)

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