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Oreo Space Dunk cookies lift off with chance to fly to 'edge of space'

January 23, 2024

— Move over "Strawberry Frosted Donut" and "The Most Stuf." Oreo's latest limited-edition flavor comes with an out-of-this-world twist: a chance at enjoying the creme-filled cookies while floating through the stratosphere.

The sandwich cookie brand has launched "Oreo Space Dunk," an otherworldly take on the classic "stuf'd" snack. Each cookie has layers of marshmallow-flavored blue and pink "cosmic creme" dotted with popping candies to create "a supernova bursting sensation" with every bite.

Oreo Space Dunk cookies also feature one of five "galactic" embossments and, for the first time in the brand's history, a small cut out in the cookie itself, providing a peak inside at the nebula-inspired filling.

All of that makes Oreo Space Dunk the perfectly-themed cookie for a flight to the "edge of space." Starting on Monday (Jan. 23), aspiring space explorers can enter the "Lift Off with Oreo" sweepstakes for a chance to embark on a six-hour journey in a pressurized capsule lofted gently by a high-altitude hydrogen balloon.

Space Perspective, a Florida-based spaceflight experience company, will provide the prize for the winner.

"Oreo cookies are all about transporting fans to a place full of excitement and childlike curiosity," said Michelle Deignan, vice president of Oreo, US, in a statement. "We're over the moon about partnering with Space Perspective to give one lucky fan the opportunity to dunk an Oreo cookie while gliding through space. Through this campaign we hope to take playfulness to new heights, proving it is not only in all of us, but also exists in space."

To enter, Oreo fans can scan the QR code on a pack of Space Dunk cookies for details or head to

While Space Perspective's Spaceship Neptune does not reach space — the balloon flight tops out at about 9 miles (30.5 kilometers) high, above 99 percent of the atmosphere but far from 50 or 62 miles (80 or 100 kilometers) where outer space is accepted to begin — passengers still enjoy unprecedented views of the planet without having to train or deal with the challenges of being weightless or subjected to heavy g-forces.

The flight includes a meal and cocktail service, complimentary Oreo cookies, Wi-Fi and a "Space Spa" with a bathroom — all the comforts of the first "Space Lounge."

"We are thrilled to partner with the iconic Oreo brand to be the first to bring a cookie fan aboard a Space Perspective flight," said Jane Poynter, founder and co-chief executive officer of Space Perspective. "Together, we have put innovation, accessibility, playfulness and the spirit of exploration at the heart of this partnership not to mention taking Oreo cookies where they've never gone before!"

"We can't wait to welcome the winner into our growing community of Explorers who will all safely experience a life-changing journey and return with a new perspective on our planet and humanity," said Poynter. "Through this program, we are amplifying our mission to bring accessible space tourism to the world."

Space Perspective is planning to begin uncrewed test flights this year, followed later by crewed tests before the Lift Off with Oreo sweepstakes winner would fly.

In the meantime, Oreo Space Dunk cookies are available on Oreo's website.

This is not first time that Oreo has turned to outer space to inspire a limited edition version of its cookies. In 2019, the brand celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with "Marshmallow Moon" Oreos. The cookies featured three different lunar-inspired designs and purple marshmallow creme inside, plus, each glow-in-the-dark pack came with a sticker set.

"Oreo Space Dunk" was also the name used for a 2017 collaboration with Google that centered on a mobile app that players could use to send digitized versions of their cookies "into space" and back down into a glass of milk located in one of 80 locations around the world.


Oreo Space Dunk cookies feature galactic designs, "cosmic creme" and a chance to win a flight into the stratosphere. (collectSPACE)

The five galactic designs embossed on the new Oreo Space Dunk cookies include a rocket and an astronaut's helmet, a telescope, a shooting star and a shining star. (Oreo)

One lucky winner of the Lift Off with Oreo sweepstakes will fly with Space Perspective above 99 percent of Earth's atmosphere. (Oreo)

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