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Space Shuttle Commemorative Patch Entry
Artist-supplied caption:

The Patch shows the Earth encircled by an orbit (~set at STS-107's 39 degree inclination) representing a shuttle's flight path. On the western horizon, the setting sun represents the end of a program that could easily be argued as the greatest technological achievement of my generation. The upper left constellation is the constellation Columbia. The seven stars represent the seven astronauts who gave and dedicated their lives to the STS-107 mission, Space Shuttle Columbia's final mission. The lower left shows a depiction of Halley's Comet surrounded by seven stars. These seven stars represent the seven astronauts who gave and dedicated their lives to the STS-51L mission, Space Shuttle Challenger's final mission. The representation of these 14 astronauts should be present in the Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch. They are a constant reminder of who I actually work for as a Safety and Mission Assurance team member. Though the sun is setting today, it will rise again tomorrow and tomorrow will be the dawn of a new era in human spaceflight. The torch will be passed on to a new generation and we will do so in honor of those who gave their lives so that me and my children could have a better one.
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