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Forum:Space Shuttles - Space Station
Topic:Shuttle near crash landing video: Real or fake?
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Gotta be fake.

Robert PearlmanThis is a video capture of the animation from the iOS and Android shuttle landing simulator, F-Sim Shuttle.

The game adapts astronaut Chris Ferguson's voice from a session in the motion base simulator at Johnson Space Center.

onesmallstepI was thinking CGI as well, being so near-perfect a bum landing: no blown tires, rapid deceleration and a short wheels stop after braking chute deploy. Not to mention no cross-wind that I can see. Also, it looks like a landing at Edwards or White Sands-wide open spaces for this to (almost) happen.
Sy LiebergotThanks Gents. I'll pass this on to Freddo, who also was very dubious.
p51Note how they disabled comments on that video. People who don't know any better will think this is a real landing, which is quite sad.

One other thing I noticed that was missing is the haze from the heat right at the surface level, there should be a bad ripple and distortion right at the ground when the mains hit the runway if it was real. That, and the contrast isn't strong enough for a landing there, the sun would be much brighter in real life...

RonpurI am actually surprised at how real it looks. I need to look at this looks fun!

Ah, but I have not iThings or androids....

David CI'm actually surprised that anyone thought this was real (and yes, I do have the app).
cspgMe too. Such "landing" would have hit the news big time (the shuttle could have easily flipped over). The only landing that was "special" was STS-3.
daboltonI gotta say its one of the most impressive iphone apps I have. I've made much worse landings than this one.
star61Don't think a Shuttle would have been flying anytime soon after a shock like that!

Some quite serious rates on that starboard gear/wing area.

Originally posted by cspg:
The only landing that was "special" was STS-3.
Remember speaking with Jack Lousma about the White Sands touchdown and he didn't consider it such a big deal at the time. That was in the mid '80's; and no one figured it would be the one and only landing at an "alternate site" in space shuttle history.

Back to the topic: The fact that someone would upload that fake landing video to YouTube... is pathetic!

Hart SastrowardoyoHas anybody tried the "Space Cowboys" landing in the simulator to see if it work?
The government and NASA have hidden the footage for years until it was unofficially released via unknown sources.
Yes, that sounds very plausible. In fact, the government must have obviously also launched a secret space shuttle mission with a secret mission designation, as all the space shuttle missions they've told us about have had successful touch-downs in their publicly-released landing videos. And then the entire crew and entire workforce who worked on this mission must also be in on this conspiracy, otherwise the truth would have come out sooner! Never mind the fact that all other space shuttle failures and space shuttle missions — even DoD missions — have been public!

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