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Forum:Space Shuttles - Space Station
Topic:Plaques mark where space shuttles 'stopped'
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Etchings and granite pavers mark where the space shuttles' last missions came to an end.

Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by garymilgrom:
Replicas please!
Chad Stout with C Spray Blasting contacted collectSPACE this week to let us know that a very limited series of full-size plaque replicas will be offered.
For all you space fans out there: C SPRAY will be offering 10 limited edition exact replicas of the STS-133, STS-134 and STS-135 plaques with a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity.
These replicas are identical size (16 by 28 by 2.5 inches) and the artwork layout is off the same template used for the plaques that were installed.

The plaques are $1,200 each or a set of the three orbiter plaques is available for $3,000. If interested, contact C Spray via e-mail or by phone (see their website for contact information).

Stout says that in the future, C Spray may create a smaller "souvenir" version and will keep collectSPACE updated.

APG85Neat! I'm glad this was done. It's little things like this that go a long way toward preserving history...
garymilgromDon't forget the cost of shipping if contemplating these items. They are quite heavy, and the cost of UPS Ground from C Spray on the space coast to my home in Atlanta (about 650 miles) is around $100. It will be much more for a longer distance.

Here's some photos of my plaque which arrived Friday. The logistics of moving a 150 lb. artifact cannot be overstated - make sure you have a hand truck and some strong friends to get this into your car and home. Then you'll need a way to display it - I'm not sure how mine will wind up. Maybe a table of some sort?

The plaque itself:

Atlantis Granite 400px

The plaque reflecting an Atlantis flag:

Atlantis Granit Reflect 400px

And the bottom of the plaque showing serial number:

Atlantis Granite Serial Number 400px

The line on this image was caused by residue from the masking tape protecting the finish. I'll remove this residue with some glue cleaner.

I wonder if it would be possible to make these half the thickness (they're 2.5 inches thick) to save half the weight. I have no experience with stone, perhaps this would weaken it and risk damaging it. Anyway I'm very happy with the plaque and what it represents.

These can be ordered from Chad Stout at C Spray Glass Blasting. Robert has posted contact info above.

Robert PearlmanC Spray Blasting is now offering smaller replicas of the plaques:
We are excited to announce that we will be offering a scaled replia of the plaques commemorating the Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour shuttles, STS-133, 134, and 135. Each plaque will be 14" by 8" and 2cm thick on hand polished Absolute Black Granite.

These will retail for $150.00 each or all three orbiters for $400.00 plus shipping and handling.

We are offering an introductory offer of $125.00 plus shipping and handling if ordered before December 15, 2012. After that they will go for the price of $150.00 each plus shipping and handling.

If interested, contact C Spray via e-mail or by phone (see their website for contact information).
onesmallstepGreat that they are now doing smaller and cheaper versions of this nice souvenir I may buy the Atlantis one to take to KSC next summer and perhaps get some signatures on it during the dedication of the new exhibit building for Atlantis.
Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Robert Pearlman:
C Spray Blasting is now offering smaller replicas of the plaques...
I recently ordered and received a set of the scale plaques:

Chad Stout and the staff at C Spray Glass Blasting did a fantastic job on these. Other than being smaller, the plaques appear to be near identical to the originals.

(I should note that the acrylic stands do not come with the plaques; I found them separately at a local frame shop.)

garymilgromThose look great. Beautiful display Robert.

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