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Forum:Space Shuttles - Space Station
Topic:[KSC VAB] Space Shuttle Program Tribute Wall
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Credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett

NASA has now established a virtual tribute wall on its website and has invited the public to "sign" it.

Participants can add their name, as well as a short message. Visitors to the virtual wall can search for entries or view a world map showing the locations of those who signed.

The Virtual Wall is part of NASA's new website, The Space Shuttle Experience, which combines earlier projects such as Face in Space and Space Rock with new interactive games and features.

Henk BoshuijerI have tried to put my name with a message three times today but it didn't work. Maybe there is something wrong with the site?
Michael ClementeI tried leaving my message four times and it didn't work. I did everything it told me to do. Anybody else have a problem.
KSCartistIt worked for me. Maybe whatever was the problem is fixed.
golddogIt's a bit temperamental but if you keep trying you get on eventually.
Henk BoshuijerThe problem is still not fixed. This morning I spend 15 minutes to put a message.
AFGASBottom row, lower left corner of first full brick is where I signed.
LM-12The character restrictions for the message are really annoying. The number of problems encountered so far seems to indicate that the Virtual Tribute Wall is a poorly-designed website.
Rocket ChrisI guess there is a general problem using Firefox as a browser. Using IE9 will work!
Henk Boshuijer
Originally posted by Rocket Chris:
Using IE9 will work!
You are right. When I tried IE9 it worked.
OLDIETried this today. No success first time, but saw that a "pop-up" had been blocked. Second try was successful after clicking on the "Post to Wall" button twice and following the instructions in the character recognition box. 10 hits from U.K. so far.
Rob Joyner#4 from Georgia.

Firefox didn't work. IE worked first time.

garymilgromRob, how did you find you were #4 from Georgia? By the way, Firefox worked fine for me.
Rob JoynerOn the main Tribute Wall page, click 'View Map', (bottom icon) and proceed to U.S. to GA. Then roll over the state area to see the number.

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