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Topic:"NASA - A Human Adventure" space exhibition
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Robert PearlmanAFP reports on the Jan. 28 grand opening of "NASA - A Human Adventure" at the Technical Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.
"We felt it was wise to launch here. There is not (often) this kind of exhibit in Europe," Don Bies, the curator and designer of "NASA - a human adventure," said, explaining all the material came from diverse private collections in the United States.

Among these, a two-tonne engine, a parachute that was used in the return to earth of the Apollo 17 mission, rocket replicas, shuttle models and a docking device that actually helped men land on the moon...

The exhibit explores such technical and scientific marvels of space travel, but also concentrates on the historical and human aspect of space missions, presenting a slew of space suits, space food rations, and other items of the day-to-day life of astronauts.

Robert PearlmanPhotos of "NASA - A Human Adventure" at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm courtesy Kansas Cosmosphere CEO Chris Orwoll.

Robert Pearlman

Robert Pearlman

Robert Pearlman

Henk BoshuijerThe exhibition can be seen here in The Netherlands from June 13 until January 2014 at the Jaarbeurs Convention Centre in Utrecht. The official opening of the exhibition will be done by Charlie Duke on June 20. Astronaut Andre Kuipers will also be there.

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