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Forum:Space Places
Topic:Memorial Museum of Сosmonautics in Moscow
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gliderpilotukThanks for that. I was there about 3 years ago and found it very interesting. I believe Korolev worked there for a while. Hope you made it to the Army museum nearby which has an amazing collection of military vehicles. One thing's for sure: there's no shortage of things to do in this amazing city.
kucharekWe just walked by the Army museum. We had just one week in Russia. Five full days for Petersburg and one day we spent in Moscow. We saw a lot, but we missed a lot more. Plenty of reasons to go again there some day.
kucharekHere a photo I took three weeks ago in the park right next to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

They have several of these pillars with significant dates in Russian spaceflight history.

I've looked at the photo several times with an uneasy feeling until it just now made "click!".

Leonov's ship is incorrectly named "Восток-2" (Vostok 2), that was German Titov's flight. Leonov's was "Восход-2" (Voskhod 2).

Leonov will be here in Germany tomorrow and some friend of mine will meet him - if Leonov isn't going to cancel the visit because of Popovitch's funeral of which I have no date - and I just sent him mail about this so maybe he has some interesting subject to talk about with Leonov.

spacemanDoes the Memorial Museum of Сosmonautics in Moscow have a store online or offline? Do we have any Moscovite collectSPACErs? Thank you.

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Neil DCThis is the best Russian public space museum, well worth visiting if in Moscow. I visited it many years before the revamp. Its director then, was the late Cosmonaut Mikhail Lisun. Now it is former Cosmonaut Alexander Laveikin. I was lucky enough to attend the reopening of it about 3 years ago. There were many speeches including one from the mayor and a big group of veteran cosmonauts in attendance plus designer Boris Chertok. The day ended with a dinner for all the special guests.

The museum has trebled in size and has a large collection of flown spacecraft and models. Most aspects of Russian manned spaceflight are included. Also a mock up of Tsiolkovsky's study.

The museum shop was pretty good, though the day I visited it there were loads of school children, and it took ages to serve them all and get to me. Just as I finished buying souvenirs the lady shut it for lunch. The museum is usually closed on a Monday. Nearest metro station is VDNKh. I doubt it has any online possibility to sell things. Well not yet.

DougSDo they have one of the LK lunar landers and/or Soyuz LOK on display?
Neil DCI looked through my library and found the old and new versions of the museum's glossy brochure. The museum has a small scale model of the Russian manned lunar lander and a 15 foot scale model of the N1 launcher. It is also home to Soyuz 37 and Soyuz TM-7. The only real hardware of the lunar lander I have ever seen is in the basement of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) as I recall.
Robert PearlmanAccording to Russian news reports, Alexander Lazutkin has been fired as director of the Museum of Cosmonautics.

The details behind the former cosmonaut's firing are not clear, but may have to do with disagreements between the museum's staff and its management, including how the museum's funds were being spent and "damage to museum collections" (per an automated translation).

According to the reports, Natalia Artyukhina of the Moscow Planetarium may take Lazutkin's place at the Cosmonautics Museum.

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