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Forum:Space Explorers & Workers
Topic:[Video] "Blue & Beautiful" Neil Armstrong tribute
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uk spacefanSimply brilliant.
David CVery different and rather effective.
garymilgromNot my cup of tea but to each his own.

Question - as collectors we're very concerned with authenticity. That is, we're concerned that replica or counterfeit materials - patches, autographs etc. - are not mis-identified as original materials. Should this concern extend to media such as this video? Is there a chance some future person will cite this as an example of Neil's own work? I don't know the answer.

Did Neil actually refer to the Earth as blue and beautiful anytime? Does that fact matter, or does the use of the word tribute make it clear these thoughts are not Neil's?

Robert PearlmanThe voice is, of course, Armstrong's — his speech has been autotuned and remixed into a song. The original "blue" and "beautiful" clips are from Armstrong's BBC interview with Patrick Moore in 1970.

The same artist, "melodysheep" (John D. Boswell) has put out a series of autotuned tributes under the "Symphony of Science" title, including collaborations with PBS to remix Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers and Julia Child.

TykeanautI don't see a problem with it, and it's always good to promote spaceflight.

I assume family members were asked first though?

Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Tykeanaut:
I assume family members were asked first though?
I would assume not, nor is the family's permission needed.

BBC would be the rights' holder to the footage of Armstrong, and it probably falls under fair use.

gliderpilotukVery clever. Touches of Daft Punk.

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