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Forum:Space Events & Happenings
Topic:6/20: Memorial service for Neil Armstrong (JSC)
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garymilgromA superbly written piece. My favorite:
Can one man change history? Without a doubt. But history never changed this man.
Charlie16For not to forget a man who changed history, but that has not been changed by history. Goodspeed Neil!

Neil Armstrong memorial and tree planting ceremony today at JSC.

pokeyI attended the memorial service and tree dedication. Michael Collins' remarks were all about Neil. Stressed his honor, humility and grace. He also said when they were on their post Apollo 11 world tour and in Yugoslavia - at a dinner Tito's wife was bored such that she looked like one of the Easter Island statues (to use his words) and then she absolutely came alive when Neil began discussing Tesla with her. Buzz said some beginning and closing remarks about Neil but used the middle to talk about an asteroid mission (that he wasn't really sure Neil would have endorsed) as a way to look to the future. Lunney said he goes to funerals where people know the person but not what they did. Everyone knows what Neil did but they don't know who he was and everyone should learn from this service what kind of man Neil was and tell everyone that asks them about his many of the stories we heard today. Griffin also spoke of Neil.

According to a Public Affairs person they only printed up 200 programs so they were hesitant to give out more than one per person. That number seems a little low.

After the service we walked over to the tree grove. I am assuming the family wanted one of the large trees near the grove dedicated to Neil. I think there are 4 of these trees that predate the grove and are quite large. I believe this is the first time a tree was not planted in an astronaut's memory since the founding of the grove. Fossum spoke and told his his Boy Scout troop made the cement lunar boot print that was placed at the base of Neil's tree. Neil's two sons told some stories about their father. After the missing man formation flew over the ceremony was pretty much over so I looked back across the field I crossed to get to the grove and I noticed numerous dragon flies hovering around our gathering. Then I thought about Collins saying that not only did Neil love the real planes he knew everything about the models and building them, etc. So I wondered if Neil was ever fascinated with a dragon fly's motions. When I began to cross the field a noticed hundreds of dragon flies had come out of seemingly no where and were flying around the field. I asked someone else if they noticed the dragon flies on their way to the grove and they said they saw none. We thought it might be because the field had just become slightly shaded by a cloud and that was an invitation to the insects. But to me the hundreds of tiny little dragon flies seemed so much like a beautiful end to the event.

ozspaceI noticed that Buzz did not seem to have any prepared notes and I think he sort of fell into a stock speech he has been using?

Anyway, I don't think a memorial service for Neil Armstrong was the appropriate platform to push his views, especially as they were not shared by Neil.

Mike hit the mark perfectly, as did the other speakers, in my opinion. 5/10 for Dr. Rendezvous...

ejectrI was happy to see Buzz saluting the flag in support of the Veteran Salute vs the hand over the heart.
Originally posted by pokey:
I attended the memorial service and tree dedication.
Nice report. Thank you.

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