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Forum:Space Events & Happenings
Topic:6/29: Space Shuttle Atlantis Grand Opening (KSC)
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onesmallstepGreat to see all the photos from the opening weekend events; my mouth is already salivating in anticipation. I especially liked the Atlantis patch Tim designed. But what impressed me the most was the quality and quantity of the exhibits on view, for any age (like that ISS crawl-thru) and interest. Hopefully, the other retired orbiters around the country can try to reach if not match the level of execution in their shuttle artifact exhibits and graphics. Kudos to KSC and Delaware North!
BlackarrowI look forward to the day (I hope within the next few years) when I get to see "Atlantis" again. My first view was from 6 miles away on 8th June, 2007: the launch of STS-117. I wish I could have seen her flying into space one more time, but I will settle for the KSC display, which seems highly spectacular. Is "Atlantis" within walking distance of the Saturn V Center?
Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Blackarrow:
Is "Atlantis" within walking distance of the Saturn V Center?
No; the Saturn V Center is located on NASA property. Public access is by bus only.

The "Space Shuttle Atlantis" exhibit is on site at the visitor complex (located in what was formerly the Shuttle Plaza, adjacent to the Space Mirror Memorial).

BlackarrowThanks, Robert - yes, I can visualise where that is, from memory.

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