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Forum:Space Events & Happenings
Topic:5/13: NASA's Skylab 40th panel discussion (DC)
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Ken HavekotteMy gosh, I can't believe it has been 40 years ago today when the Skylab Orbital Workshop Station was put into orbit by the last Saturn V launch vehicle.

On a personal note, I was a high school junior in May 1973, and was so thrilled to witness the AS-513 launch from the Kennedy Space Center's main VIP site. It was such an exciting day for this young avid space enthusiast, and with another Skylab/Saturn launch with the first manned crew to live and work aboard America's first space station, less than two weeks away!

Looking back over the decades, Skylab--in all its aspects--has served us well as a true orbiting research facility that enabled our astronauts to carry out a wide spectrum of scientific, engineering, astronomical, biomedical and earth studies.

Were there any other cS readers at Kennedy or elsewhere in observance or support of SL-1?

MarylandSpaceI was at the great Skylab panel discussion at NASA Headquarters yesterday to celebrate the event. Dr. Garriott and Col. Carr were excellent in leading the discussion.

It is always wonderful experiencing history with those who lived it.

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