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Forum:Space Events & Happenings
Topic:4/19-20: 2013 Astronaut Hall of Fame inductions
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space4uI noticed during the introduction of Eileen Collins by Bob Cabana the reference to Eileen's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Aug. 1, 2000 in a show of "female firsts." I've done some checking online for it without success. Anyone have any ideas?
Tony GuidryWhile watching this year's induction ceremony on NASA TV, I noticed the event appeared to be held in a different location at the KSC Visitor Complex. In previous years, when we had attended, it was held in the Apollo/Saturn V Center and in more recent years it was held outdoors under the covered pavilion at NASA Central, located in front of the gift shop.

This year's event was indoors and appeared to be in some sort of small auditorium. Is this a new facility that is, perhaps, part of the new Atlantis exhibit which will be opening on June 29?

The induction ceremony is usually held on the first Saturday of May of each year, although I recall, that several years ago, it was postponed until the first Saturday in June, due to a schedule conflict. Being outdoors, the Florida heat and humidity really made many of us attendees (and astronauts!) rather miserable.

I'm sure that everyone who attended this year's ceremony was happy to have it indoors again in air-conditioned comfort. I don't know what the seating capacity of the auditorium is, but I hope it was large enough to accommodate all those who had paid extra for a ticket to the ceremony.

I also believe that the KSC Visitor Complex might need to do a bit of "tweaking" on the lighting in the auditorium, especially for NASA TV broadcasts. The lighting for the ceremony appeared to be somewhat improvised and unbalanced with harsh shadows in some areas, when watching on TV.

Regardless, the facility appears to be a big improvement over what was previously available for events like this.

Regretfully, our schedule did not permit us to attend this year, but we are hoping to make it out there this summer for the Atlantis dedication.

Robert PearlmanThe induction ceremony was held inside the Astronaut Encounter theater. The move inside was made because outside the weather was inclement (windy and occasionally raining).

Otherwise, it would have been hosted outside under the covered NASA Central.

The Astronaut Encounter theater is not especially large. I don't know if everyone who reserved a seat had one (I suspect they did, as there were a few empty seats near me), but it did prevent the public from just walking up and watching during the event.

I believe the Hall of Fame induction was moved to April this year to separate it from the June opening of the Atlantis exhibit.

Tony GuidryMany thanks, Rob, for the info on the induction ceremony being held in the Astronaut Encounter Theater. Even after many visits to the KSC Visitor Complex over the years, that building is probably one of only a few that I have not visited. We always seem to spend most of our time on the various tours and other attractions and before we know it, the day is over!

Except for the potential weather problems, I did like the arrangement at NASA Central where the astronauts would walk down the center aisle as they were introduced. This allowed for some excellent photo and video opportunities by all guests in attendance.

As you mentioned, this year's event was held a couple of weeks earlier than usual. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I understand there is the inaugural Rocketman Florida Triathlon event taking place at KSC the first weekend in May.

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