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Forum:Soviet - Russian Space
Topic:Voskhod 2: Imagery from Leonov's spacewalk
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David CLooks to me like Leonov had a dark visor inside his face plate. Can anyone confirm this?
jasonelamYes, several of the preflight films I've seen show them lowering an internal visor over their eyes with a lever on the side of their helmets.
Lou ChinalDid Leonov wear a watch on his EVA?
DG27Based on the images in the video, it does not appear that he was wearing a watch. The dual straps on the wrist are the restraint straps with pull tabs for the Berkut glove. Pressure gauge is on the right arm. Perhaps he was wearing one under the suit.

That is a great video. Thanks for sharing it. Anyone know where to get a copy of the video?

kyraI believe all the photography of this spacewalk comes from stills made from the movie camera mounted on the airlock. In short, there are no high resolution of this spacewalk that look good beyond about half page size. There was a b/w closed circuit camera in a slightly different perspective and those were relayed to the ground and are more grainy. RIA Novosti and Science Direct seem to own the rights to most of these images.
cosmos-walterAleksey Leonov showed a film on his breathtaking Voschod-2 mission at 24th ASE Planetary Congress at Moscow in 2011. It showed the difficulties when Aleksey Leonov re-entered the spaceship at the end of his EVA.

Is this film available?

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