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Forum:Satellites - Robotic Probes
Topic:OSIRIS-REx to asteroid Bennu: Viewing, comments
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Robert PearlmanToday's news regarding the naming of asteroid (101955) 1999 RQ36 as "Bennu" has a collectSPACE connection.
The name is the winning entry in an international student contest. Michael Puzio, a nine-year-old in North Carolina, suggested the name because he imagined the Touch-and-Go Sample Mechanism (TAGSAM) arm and solar panels on OSIRIS-REx look like the like neck and wings in drawings of Bennu, which Egyptians usually depicted as a gray heron.
Michael is the son of cS member Larry Puzio (cS: lspooz)!

Congratulations Michael and Larry! Very nice to have an asteroid namer among our extended community!

lspoozAnd thanks to collectSPACE, where I first found the link to NASA and the Planetary Society's contest back on Labor Day.
lspoozWe're looking forward to the Sept. 8 launch of the OSIRIS-REx mission, and tomorrow NASA TV will feature the traditional 'L-14' press briefing (Dr. Dante Lauretta and other project leaders will present to the media and field questions).

The broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT will live stream here.

Robert PearlmanGreat to hear Dante Lauretta during today's briefing give credit to Michael (Puzio) for naming Bennu. See 40 minutes, 20 seconds into this video:

Robert PearlmanPhotos from this morning's rollout of the Atlas V with OSIRIS-REx to Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station:

ejectrI saw the launch from as far as one can go on Playalinda Beach, about 5 miles from the launch.

What a sight to see. And the shuttle pads are right next to you. What a place to witness a shuttle launch or next a SpaceX launch.

Larry McGlynnI watched it from the Causeway. It was about 3 miles across the water from us. It was a beautiful launch that was highlighted by the setting Sun.
lspoozOur family watched from the Operations Support Building-II about 3 miles away (first launch ever) and I was stunned at the feel of the noise and the brightness of the flame, smaller and brighter than the sun and most reminiscent of a welding torch.

(Photo credit: NASA)

The Planetary Society hosts and the NASA support personnel made the entire launch day just incredible. With the 7:05 p.m. launch the setting sun made for an interesting effect:

(Photo credit: Arizona Central)

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