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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:The Apollo Murders (Chris Hadfield novel)
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Robert PearlmanIn addition to Waterstones as already noted, additional bookstores are now taking pre-orders for autographed copies of "The Apollo Murders."
Robert PearlmancollectSPACE
Astronaut Chris Hadfield found space for 'The Apollo Murders' in real history

Many writers have looked back at the events surrounding the first moon landings and found opportunities to explore "what if?"

What if the Soviet Union had landed a cosmonaut first? What if President John F. Kennedy had never been assassinated, would humans still have made it to the moon in the 1960s? What if astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had really been launched to the moon on a clandestine mission to investigate the crash site of an alien spacecraft?

For Chris Hadfield, though, when he looked back, he saw the makings for a nail-biting Cold War thriller set within the real events of 1973. "The Apollo Murders," Hadfield's first novel, is now out from Mulholland Books.

OLDIEI've just started reading my copy and it's a real page turner, and difficult to put down. It's the sort of book that grabs your attention in the first few seconds.

Chris has the ability to paint pictures with words, and can set a scene for you in a few sentences. The ground is being prepared and the plot has yet to develop...

OLDIEI'm nearing the end of this book now, and what a journey it's been! This is the Space Race with a dark side. There have been many "cliff-hanging" moments, but I'm still no closer to working out the finale.

It would make an ideal Christmas gift for a space aficionado, or someone who has little knowledge of spaceflight (but likes a good thriller) alike. If you can still find signed copies, so much the better.

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