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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:Bringing Columbia Home (Leinbach, Ward)
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ColinBurgessThis is a much-delayed review of a truly wonderful book. I knew Mike and Jonathan were going to be at this year's Spacefest, so I held off ordering a copy until I could organise a signed one through a friendly fellow countryman who kindly purchased one there for me.

Earlier in these posts I wrote a review of the publishing proposal that Mike and Jonathan had put together, and now that I have finished reading "Bringing Columbia Home" I know that this is a true classic of spaceflight literature. It is an incredibly absorbing book, which not only discusses the last flight of Columbia, and the causes of the tragedy that took place over Texas in 2003, but reveals the involvement of so many dedicated, selfless and determined people involved in the painstaking search and recovery process. They not only located (and treated with the greatest of respect) the remains of all seven crewmembers, but recovered tens of thousands of pieces of Columbia, from large components through to tiny fragments. This is a very emotional part of the book to read, which not only vividly brings to the reader the shock, agony and tears of so many searchers, but also their desperate need to be involved in that mammoth process.

This is a book that no one with the slightest interest in human spaceflight history should miss. It is not only an incredible and moving story, but has been written by two exemplary and truly gifted authors.

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