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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:Live from Space Season (Channel 4 [UK])
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TykeanautJust a reminder that the Channel 4 programme starts next Wednesday at 9pm.
Robert PearlmanAny of our UK members watching this? How is it?
OLDIEI watched "Houston we have a problem" yesterday. This was real "fact is better than fiction "stuff."

Luca Parminitano's suit developed a water leak into his helmet whilst he was undergoing an EVA. He was then faced with a globule of water, growing larger by the minute, gradually creeping up the back of his head, over the top, with the prospect of it covering his ears, nose and mouth. Things only got worse!

Mike Massimino, in contrast, just had a problem with a single recalcitrant screw. It could, however, have jeapordised the entire Hubble repair mission. What was the solution? Well, stone age technology came to the rescue.

Watch and find out what happened. This episode was an eye-opener.

TykeanautExcellent series so far, can't wait for Sunday's show.

Why use screws on the Hubble though, surely a latch or handle would be better? It's not as though someone unauthorised is going to visit!

Lunar Module 5Is the "live" show to be shown tonight a completely new "live" broadcast, different from the one already broadcast on National Geo?
Robert PearlmanIt is new live broadcast, with a different host and some different taped-segments. As it is live, the space station crew's responses will be subject to differences too.

It is however, following the same script as the National Geographic broadcast on Friday, so there will be similarities, too.

Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by Tykeanaut:
Why use screws on the Hubble though, surely a latch or handle would be better?
Astronaut-friendly fasteners were used on the components that were intended to be serviced on-orbit. On STS-125, they worked on parts that were not envisioned to be repaired in space.
issman1Accurate, compelling and shown at peak time here in the UK, with footage I'd never seen before. ISS deserves this spotlight.
Lunar Module 5Tonight's programme was in my opinion very good. Its been nice to watch some real TV for a change. My wife commented about the content and that she had really enjoyed it.
robsouthWhy don't they have fuel cells on the ISS. I'm not just thinking from a power source point of view, I'm thinking of the water by-product point of view.

Surely that would be better than having to recycle.

Rick MulheirnThe three programs in the series have been excellent; they gave a great flavour of what it is like to live aboard ISS.

As has been eluded to already, there has been some unique footage shown and the severity of Luca's suit leak was particularly well covered.

The presenter Dermot O'leary was a bit irritating with some of the inane questioning of the crew but... he was clearly very excited at the opportunity so can be forgiven the slight annoyance.

All in all, very enjoyable.

Robert Pearlman
Originally posted by robsouth:
Why don't they have fuel cells on the ISS.
Fuel cells require hydrogen and oxygen, consumables that would need to be replenished. One of the points of recycling is to create a self-sufficient life support system that could be used for deep space missions where resupplies won't be coming.
robsouthMaybe when we have a moon base, fuel cells can be used using the moon for resources.
TykeanautReally enjoyed last night's show. Mike Massimino has been a perfect co-host.

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