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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:Live from Space (National Geographic Channel)
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Robert PearlmanSo who watched? What did you think?
GACspaceguyIt is on DVR with hopes to watch it soon. Will let you know when we watch it.

Some have Dish/Direct TV because they are frustrated with cable TV. We have it because we are down loading a signal from a satellite, how cool is that!

alanh_7I watched. It had some interesting segments. Mike Massimino was personable and interesting as always. The man is a natural. Soledad O'Brien was okay.

It was very interesting to see Mike Hopkins live just days after his return from the ISS. I found the whole interactive concept interesting. It was a solid show well worth watching.

garymilgromThe broadcast did a good job of showing the effort needed to live and work in space and support the ISS on the ground, plus the science being conducted and the fun part of living in space. It also showed the beauty of Earth in several pre-filmed segments. These were a great idea as they allowed for clear views of everywhere.

I thought Soledad was the weakest link. Someone more knowledgeable hosting would be more to my liking, but perhaps she's good for the ratings. And the astronauts saying "That's an excellent question" after EVERY question showed a bit of the scripting behind the scenes.

But these are minor quibbles from a committed space geek. So overall - very good.

onesmallstepIt was a good program that perhaps showed the public at large what really goes on up on ISS now that that the shuttle program has ended, and maybe that US manned space flight is not in a downturn (although the image of Americans flying and landing in a -gasp- Russian capsule may rankle some, especially given current events).

But the best moments, at least for me, was the segment showing former station astronaut Frank Culbertson talking about fellow Annapolis classmate Charles 'Chic' Burlingame and his death on 9/11. Burlingame was pilot of the airliner that crashed into the Pentagon, and the program showed stunning video from the ISS looking down on Manhattan as one of the towers collapsed, spewing smoke for miles. I was an eyewitness too, from a pier on Staten Island on that tragic day.

Culbertson, in a poignant note, then was shown taking his trumpet while onboard the ISS on 9/11, and start to play the mournful notes of 'taps' in remembrance of all who perished. A memorable segment in an otherwise fine documentary.

Chariot412Robert, what did you think?
328KFI thought it was well done. I'm pretty sure there was an inside joke there between the recently returned Mike and Rick on ISS. Earlier in the show, Rick was shown unpacking a spicy "hot dog relish" from the Cygnus that his wife had sent up.

At the end of the segment, Mike said something to the effect of "thanks for that was a real treat on the way home." Given the way Rick was smiling and waving his finger at Mike on camera, he wasn't talking about how it tasted....

Robert PearlmanThat exchange between Mike, Rick and Koichi was perhaps my favorite moment of the broadcast, as it really conveyed the friendships that form while working aboard the space station for six months.
Originally posted by Chariot412:
Robert, what did you think?
I thought it was very well done.

I generally like Soledad O'Brien and I thought she did a fine job as host, though I found it funny how she reacted every time a crew member wasn't floating upright. She'd say, "You're a bit tilted to me right now," or words to that effect, every time Rick or Koichi positioned themselves sideways or at an angle.

And I don't think I have ever heard anyone call Robonaut scary before (though once it has its legs and is able to move without the crew's interaction, I could see how R2 might spook someone making a late night bathroom run).

The taped segments were well produced and included new footage, which was good to see. I might have swapped out either the pump module or the helmet flooding emergencies for a package (or live shot) that focused more on the science being conducted aboard, but I can understand wanting to include both.

I was glad to see Koichi turn the camera around and show Mikhail (a brief shot that had to be negotiated in advance with Roscosmos, I am told), and I was glad to see them change locations on the station more than once (I cannot think of another live interview on the space station where that was possible).

There was just one missed opportunity I would have really liked to have seen. When Rick floated by his crew quarters, his laptop was open to Twitter. I would have loved if he had taken a moment on camera to send a tweet that we could have all seen arrive in our feeds seconds later. It could have been something simple as "Hello World!" but I think it would have really emphasized the "Live From Space" nature of the broadcast.

JBoeI haven't had a chance to watch, but from everyone's reviews it sound's like a good one.
Robert PearlmanThe full two-hour special will encore this Friday (March 21) at 4 p.m. EDT, followed by a one-hour version at 8 p.m. EDT/PDT.

And at 9 p.m. Friday, the world-premiere special Living in Space will premiere on National Geographic Channel.

According to National Geographic, the first airing set a social media record:

The special generated approximately 50,000 tweets during broadcast, doubling the previous record for NGC, set by "Killing Kennedy" in November. It also trended No. 1 worldwide on Twitter during the first hour, at which point #LiveFromSpace was generating 315 tweets a minute. And from 8-10 p.m. ET, it was the most buzzed about non-sports television program in the U.S. During that same time, the No. 2 most buzzed about non-sports television program in the U.S. was the Nat Geo Mundo Spanish-language simulcast.
dogcrew5369Thanks Robert for announcing a re-airing of this show. I was out of town and forgot to set my DVR. Looking forward to watching the not-so-live broadcast.
Joel KatzowitzI watched some of it live but captured the entire broadcast on my DVR which I'll get to soon. What I saw I really enjoyed. I wasn't crazy about Soledad in her role and kept wishing Miles was sitting in her seat. Yes, different networks, I know, but still...

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