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Topic:Live TV From Orbit (Dwight Steven-Boniecki)
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Oh, and watch out for Gene Kranz's blooper!

DwightAnd this one is available in "Live TV From Orbit" too:

DwightUrgent! These pics are taken from a kinescope labelled simply Skylab 2. I suspect they maybe SMEAT. I am hoping that despite it being non-Apollo, an expert here can ID them.

DwightWoo hoo! Found out what the footage is. You'd be surprised - that's for sure. To my knowledge it has never seen the light of days before.
DwightI am happy to report that Live TV From Orbit was given a detailed review in Medien Gruppe RTL Deutschland's internal book review site. As most of you here don't speak German I won't post the text here. However the focus was on ASTP in which Germany played a large role in television distribution! It was an honor for my book to be selected for such a review.
DwightBoth "Live TV Fromthe Moon" and "Live TV From Orbit" were recently covered in an interview I made for the prestigious Aero News Network

It is often forgotten that had there been no TV camera on Apollo 11, the only way people would have shared the moment is via the voice comms only. The 16mm film would have only been seen upon the astronaut's return.

These books detail NASA's road to the use of TV for all the manned Apollo (and post-Apollo - up to STS-1) missions.

DwightFor all german residents, the book, "Live TV From Orbit" is now available from (along with the counterpart "Live TV From the Moon"). Enjoy!

Für alle deutsche einwohner, die Bücher "Live TV From Orbit" und "Live TV From the Moon" sind jetzt bestellbar bei Viel spaß damit!

Originally posted by Dwight:
Woo hoo! Found out what the footage is. You'd be surprised - that's for sure. To my knowledge it has never seen the light of days before.

So what was it? Looks like an emergency test in the vacuum chamber.

DwightIt is a blood sampling test in the SMEAT environment as shot on the CCTV system and converted to kinescope. I am fairly certain this was pre SMEAT and was used to devise the experiment for that program and later on Skylab.
DwightThese are the little discoveries I love. A non-descript video which has a treasure trove of information in it. I had to go through a few SMEAT planning documents to figure out exactly what it was. Also, some knowledgable space historians helped out with explaining the footage split screens.
heng44I received both 'Live TV from the Moon' and 'Live TV from Orbit' today. Looks very interesting.

One question: I understand the DVD has a link to a pay-site where there is a lot more video. When I click the link it leads me to some sort of Wikipedia page, but I can't see how I can subscribe.

DwightEd, I just sent you an email.
heng44I can really recommend Dwight's books. Both of them! I have always been fascinated by the live TV from space, especially during Apollo. It enabled viewers on earth to travel along with the astronauts and see what they were seeing.

I knew quite a lot about the subject, but both books contain a lot of new info for me. They are very well researched and especially the section on Skylab in 'Live TV from orbit' was an eye-opener for me.

I feel my money has been well spent. Highly recommended! — Ed Hengeveld

heng44Today I had lunch with Dwight and we talked about his two great books. Especially the second one, 'Live TV from Orbit' was an eye-opener for me. The Apollo missions were pretty well covered on TV, but Skylab wasn't. This book more than makes up for that.

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