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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:She Blinded Me With Science (Buzz Aldrin version)
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Some of the brightest minds in the world gathered at Smithsonian's "The Future is Here" conference to discuss the great triumphs and future innovations in science and technology.

BlackarrowOh dear...
Robert PearlmanPure awesome. SCIENCE! (I hope when I'm 83, I'm as spry, full of life and open to having fun as Aldrin clearly is.)
Hart SastrowardoyoMaybe Buzz will put together an album of cover songs, a la William Shatner? Or maybe Buzz and Bill can form a duet...
Cozmosis22Nice job Buzz!

With Shatner and Leonard Nimoy we'd have a veritable galactic lounge act.

MCroft04Well said Robert!
randyI agree with Blackarrow — oh dear!
mode1charlieGo Buzz! (His rhythm isn't the best, but hey - he's having fun and more power to him.)
gliderpilotukHe does the high-pitched pieces very melodically but I'm not sure about the "SCIENCE" bits

At least Magnus Pyke was just being himself in the original.

Rick Mulheirn"Dad dancing" at its best.
Fra MauroWhat a character! Should we expect an album soon since this is now his second song?
Saturn VI wish he would have done this when he was on the moon in his space suit... least that would have been an excuse for not taking good pictures of his commander on the Moon!
Robert PearlmanRight! Then maybe Neil would have said, 'Hey Buzz, here's the camera, take my photo..."

Fair play, but don't give up the day job Buzz!

GlintAt least the good Doctor didn't get his come-uppance in the end, this time.
Originally posted by Robert Pearlman:
Right! Then maybe Neil would have said, 'Hey Buzz, here's the camera, take my photo..."

Oh Robert, really should learn to spot a slightly tongue-in-cheek remark...

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