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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:Gagarin: First in Space (Russian 2013 movie)
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Gagarin. Pervyy v kosmose (Gagarin: First in Space) is a 2013 Russian docudrama biopic about the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, and the mission of Vostok 1. It is being released by Central Partnership theatrically in Russia.

The film's running time of 108 minutes approximates the time it took Gagarin to go around the Earth before returning. It stars Yaroslav Zhalnin as Soviet fighter pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

David CLooks very good but my Russian is very basic. Subtitles would be nice.
randyI agree with David. Looks good to me, but it needs subtitles for those of us who don't know Russian.
spaced outLooks very nicely made. I'm sure there'll be subtitled versions available on release, or when it comes out on Blu-Ray.
cspgFrom the Voice of Russia.
Russian film director Yuri Kapanetz is close to completing a full-length feature film about the first man in space, Soviet Air Force pilot Yuri Gagarin. The film will tell the story of Gagarin's travel around the world, as well as look at his historic space mission. The production's budget is 285 million roubles.

The starring role is played by Yaroslav Zhalnin.

Experts now say that Gagarin stood only a fifty-percent chance or surviving his daring leap into outer space.

  1. It's about time!

  2. Echoing the other comments, hopefully this will be released with subtitles outside Russia. The production values look very high so one would think this would be part of their marketing plan - but who knows.
Robert PearlmanThe soundtrack to this movie is now available from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
Robert Pearlman"Secret Russian archives" sounds like the Russian version of "never before seen" so frequently (wrongly) claimed by US and UK productions. From Russia Today:
A blockbuster Russian drama about the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, has hit the big screen. The $7 million film is more factual than fictional, based on recently released secret archive material on the legendary Soviet cosmonaut.

The film first premiered in Moscow on April 12 and was screened at the UN's Vienna International Center, and is now hitting Russian wide screens.

...Kapanets also explained how troves of material from secret Russian archives were revealed for the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight: "This is how we've discovered several sketches of the rockets and of the capsule that we later recreated in our film in accordance with the released data."

apolloprojecktHas some people more info about release of this movie? On DVD maybe also? Thanks!
Sputnik 1Should be released to the 80th birthday of Juri Gagarin, this means 9. March 2014.
apolloprojecktThanks for the info!
TonyqWe need a similar movie about Valentina Tereshkova too!
noroxineDoes anyone have information about availability of DVD or Blu-ray?
Sputnik 1In Germany DVD and Blu-ray are available since beginning of March. Title: GAGARIN Wettlauf ins All.

cspgSeen those on

Available for pre-order from but it doesn't say if there are/will be English subtitles.

SpaceCadet1983Between the trailer and listening to the CD soundtrack (Amazon), this is one movie I'm anxious to see! Poyekhali! (Let's go!)
Sputnik 1
Originally posted by cspg: doesn't say if there are/will be English subtitles.
The German Blu-ray Disc edition has languages in Russian and German and also the subtitles are available in German. The run time is 109 minutes.

At the end, the film contains historical scenes and photos from Juri Gagarin. From the historical aspect, the film must have looked deeper into the live of Juri Gagarin and his impact to the space race.

The film is only a flash-light for the 12th. of April 1961. Sergey Pawlowitsch Koroljows part and status is well represented.

Lasv3The above post says the run time is 109 minutes. Interestingly exactly as long as the duration of the Gagarin´s flight. Just a coincidence?
Sputnik 1The 109 minutes is not a coincidence. It was planned during production, that the film had the same length like the flight.
Lasv3Thanks for the explanation, and, by the way, a great idea...
Lasv3I saw the movie yesterday (the German/Russian language version) and I have to say I am a little bit disappointed. Do not expect any drama, it's strictly based on facts and the flight itself is filled with retrospect shots from the past — Gagarin's childhood during the WW2, cosmonaut training, family life, etc. — not chronologically, which disturbed me a bit.

Definitely nothing which is not already known, i.e. no visible secrets from archives revealed as announced previously. The movie is good, however no blockbuster.
WehaveliftoffA prime 20 minute excerpt from the film, no subtitles:

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