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Topic:Director Veit Helmer's "Baikonur" (feature film)
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According to the film's website, Russian and English language versions will follow.

PhilipNew feature film by German director Veit Helmer set in the heart of the current Russian manned space program about the training of a female cosmonaut. The young French woman got a seat onboard a Soyuz mission and after her mission falls outside the usual recovery area...

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TonyqThank Phillip for 'bumping' this thread. I suspect that you picked this interesting movie up from my article in the current issue of Spaceflight.

I was fortunate to talk to the lovely Mlle. de Villepin about her role in this movie, during which she did all her own 'stunts'. This included diving in the neutral buoyancy facility at Star City, several zero G flights in the ESA A300, and spending several hours locked in the Soyuz simulator while wearing a Sokol spacesuit.

Baikonur opens, initially in Germany, on 1st September.

Here are a couple of images which were supplied to me in connection with the 'Spaceflight' piece.

PhilipIndeed, great to know they could use a Progress launch vehicle to film the "entrance" to the Soyuz capsule
eurospaceMovie theatres at Berlin already distributed flyers for this movie when I was there in late July.
spacekiwiAny ideas when we might see it in the US?
Originally posted by spacekiwi:
Any ideas when we might see it in the US?
US Premiere here: Palm Springs International Film Festival
TonyqThis movie is released on DVD, Region 2 code for Europe only, in 1st June 2012.

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