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Forum:Publications & Multimedia
Topic:Hail Columbia: Behind the Scenes with the Space Shuttle (Liz Warren)
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Depending on the level you pledge, you will receive a Hail Columbia awareness ribbon, an electronic copy of the book, mention in the book's acknowledgments, a signed, limited edition print of Columbia, and/or a signed copy of the book itself.

ea757grrlWhat a wonderful tribute this book will be to a great ship, and to the people who knew her best. I really look forward to it.
garymilgromSeems very worthwhile. Let's get behind this!
blue_eyesI cannot wait to see Liz's final creation-- what a magnificent project to be dedicated to! We are so fortunate that she is sharing her knowledge, experience, and her heart with us.

Hail Columbia.

lewarrenRobert and other cS'ers, thank you for the endorsement and pledge. I can't wait to share the final product with collectSPACE!
MCroft04I believe I've run into Liz several times when I lived in Houston while attending NASA events. In my opinion, she is most qualified to write a great account and am looking forward to reading her book.
lewarrenThanks to everyone for their supportive comments!

We are halfway there with funding and 22 days left to raise the remaining funds.

As a teaser, I have to tell you about a preliminary interview I conducted a few weeks ago with one of the Closeout Crewmembers (the folks in the White Room who strap the astronauts into the orbiter). This gentlemen told me a story that he had never told anyone in his 35 years at Kennedy Space Center. The story brought tears to my eyes.

His story is definitely going to be in the book.

Mike ZThis will be the "Books of Books" for everyone interested in manned spaceflight especially the space shuttle! I cannot wait until it's released! Thank you for writing it!!
bruceI hope Liz can get her book fully funded within the approaching 3 week deadline, as I would love to read it!
dguiterasLiz- Your book sounds like it will provide the rest of us with a peek into a little known but very intriguing world.

As a writer I am wondering why you chose to use kickstart instead of going to a non-fiction publisher with a proposal for your book?

The book's concept paired with your background, experience and education seems like a no-brainer for a publisher.

Originally posted by dguiteras:
As a writer I am wondering why you chose to use kickstart instead of going to a non-fiction publisher with a proposal for your book?

I will be seeking a non-fiction publisher. I am using kickstarter to raise funding primarily for travel to interview people for the book and also for a transcription service. I will be putting a lot of my own funds into the project, as well.

space4uSounds like a great project. I just entered my contribution today. Was great to meet you at NASA JSC tweetup last May Liz.
Robert PearlmanCongratulations to Liz on reaching her pledge goal more than two weeks before her deadline! "Hail Columbia" has its liftoff!
GoesTo11Congratulations...great to hear. Looking forward to the finished product!
ea757grrlAll right!
MCroft04Looking forward to this book. I'm ready to bring out the plastic to purchase my copy. Don't let me down Liz! And how about an autographed copy?

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