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Topic:Exciting Sims' Space Shuttle Mission simulator
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I am so buying this as soon as I hit send on this post.

tegwilymNice! I've never seen that either. I wonder if it's more playable than that old simulator many years ago? You probably remember that one I think it was called "Shuttle" and it was almost too realistic where you had to flip every switch, knob and button.
gliderpilotukHas anyone tried this yet? Graphics look very good.
Greggy_DYes, I've been flying it since June. The devs are awesome and have been releasing new missions at a rate of one a month. Last month was STS-51A and just today... drumroll please... STS-401 (the rescue mission).

They've also tuned up the sim and have upgraded the graphics considerably since the summer. Well worth $50.

gliderpilotukThanks Greg. I've just upgraded my PC and persuaded my 9 year old that we need this software.

It does look awesome.

Greggy_DPaul, you're going to love it. Trust me. Make sure you have a joystick for the on-orbit RCS maneuvers and also for landing. Makes it a LOT easier.
Bill HuntHas anyone tried this? I'm a big fan of Orbiter, but Orbiter - while terrific - has a pretty unstructured user experience. How do the graphics and overall experience compare with this?

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jjknapThis is a great sim. I would recommend it. It includes several missions including docking with the ISS and installing modules. All missions are exact; they even include the launch of small get-away special satellites. However, there is no "easy" mode. The instructions are basically the real shuttle operator manual. The sim will highlight the buttons you need if you want. They are working on an all new edition, but we probably won't see it until 2013.
Bill HuntThanks for the recommendation. I'm not worried about easy - I just like a little more structure in the software than Orbiter gives you. That said, Orbiter is absolutely fantastic - you can't beat its graphics.

Purchased! Thanks again!

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