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Forum:Patches & Pins
Topic:National Reconnaissance Office NROL-39 insignia
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The patch art comes up about three minutes into the "report."

GlintJust re-reading this thread again and something in the original post stood out:

Originally posted by SkyMan1958:
...Of course, radar reconnaissance is typically a more military related endeavor as opposed to signal intelligence type satellites.

Just wondered if there was some basis for this assumption, particularly the apparent inference that SIGINT missions are somehow less militarily related?

Very nice patch.

butch wilksI like it, love it. All we had in the UK was Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman (sorry a bit of a bore is our Jeremy). Can we have this guy (Jon Stewart) now please as Jeremy retired (at last)?
butch wilks I think it looks like an update to the logo for SPECTRE from the James Bond 007 moves, SPECTRE's logo being a Octopus. SPECTRE is an acronym for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. I think the Octopus on the patch means that the satellite has been taken over by SPECTRE.

Plus, the Atlas 5 launch rocket had a patch made for it by the USAF launch team as part of its fundraising activities in the community. Known as the L-39 Bella patch it features Bella as a superhero, I think this is app as she is going to rescuer us all from the sinister NROL-39 Octopus satellite.

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