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Forum:Patches & Pins
Topic:TMA-09M / ISS 36/37: Luca Parmitano's patch
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carl walker
Originally posted by Apollo 8:
Are these patches available commercially anywhere?
The Volare mission patch will not be available commercially unfortunately. They are being produced in a limited run by the Italian space agency (ASI). Some may be available at public events, not known at this time. But the expedition patches and Soyuz patches are available from your regular sources!
Bill NelsonIs there any indication that ESA will put patches for the Volare mission up for sale?

Editor's note: Threads merged.

carl walkerHi Bill, see note above in this thread.
Originally posted by carl walker:
Luca's training suits can be seen with the old 18 flag version, but he will be issued with a 20-flag patch before he launches.
Here is 19 states ESA patch at ISS with Luca.
hoorenzThe Kentavr suits, including patches, had to be completed last December to make the February Progress flight. The 20-flag patch was not ready yet at that time.
Robert PearlmanHere is the Volare patch as seen on orbit (the patch was temporarily placed on Luca Parmitano's spacesuit but will not accompany him outside the space station.

And via, a close-up of the embroidered patch:

RussianAs far as I understand there are two versions of this patch with different background. Does somebody has the second version and can share the picture?

This version has no nylon background... maybe felt one. I saw it in Moscow. My friend got it from the crew. And I think this version is actually aboard.

hoorenzYou must mean this version. A friend sent me the scan. He received it from Fyodor Yurchikhin, who in turn received it from Luca Parmitano last April.

carl walkerThere is only one version of the patch produced (officially). The others were test pieces made earlier for the crew. The original ASI artwork (a competition winner) was altered by ASI and the Italian airforce, which was the version produced as a patch in limited numbers. The original artwork can be seen in this thread.
MSSHere is actual photo from August 15, 2013 with 18 states ESA patch at Luca's suit!

Romania and Poland aren't important for ISS/ESA?

carl walkerOf course these are important. Romanian and Polish flags have been on ESA's patches since these countries joined. Luca's suits were prepared some time in advance, and the new patch versions were not then available.
hoorenzJust to illustrate how well in advance these Russian suits (including patches and directly embroidered logo's) need to be ready: earlier this Summer, we had to scramble to obtain and prepare some of the artwork for the Russian produced onboard clothing for the Expedition-40 and 41 crews. In order to make the ATV-5 flight next year, they already had to be packed early last month!!!
MSSIs it Volare patch or other one at this video from today?

MSSLuca Parmitano has given this answer: "the Volare patch is the one on my chest."

Thanks for fast reply to me.

Originally posted by Robert Pearlman:
And via, a close-up of the embroidered patch
I really like the two material patch, it looks like a vinyl and embroidery. Is there any other patches that uses this combination and is this a "European only" design?

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