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Forum:Models & Toys
Topic:LEGO: NASA space shuttle sets (1990-2010)
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jr-transportWOW! That is by far the best shuttle they have put out. I'm glad I just sold my 7470 Discovery. Now I have and excuse to buy this one when it comes out. Just need to get some decals for it to make it complete.
tegwilymCool! I'm buying some LEGO again soon!
Rocket ChrisI always dreamed of such detailed LEGO models in my childhood.
AtlantisThe nose gear is in the wrong place. Now if was a Buran...
GoesTo11Great-looking model. Curious that there are no NASA decals, though...
Originally posted by Atlantis:
The nose gear is in the wrong place.
Nobody's perfect...
QuiGon GrinI'm always amazed what LEGO engineers/designers can come up with by using pre-made bricks.
SpaceAngelDoes anyone know what date in June will the Lego Shuttle Adventure will be out?!
Robert PearlmanLEGO's website says June 30, 2010.

(The site also has a photo of the packaging and a 360 degree "spin" around the model.)

SpaceAngelI went to Toys "R" Us today to see they had it on sale but didn't... I thought any toy stores would have them out today as the LEGO website said. Is it going to be in stores or not?
Robert PearlmanThe Space Shuttle Adventure set is a LEGO Exclusive, which means it is only available through LEGO's own stores, catalog and website. Retailers (such as Toys Я Us) will not be stocking this set.
cspgGee, I wasn't expecting a box that big! (8x37x58 cm)...

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