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Forum:Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Topic:Apollo 13 "as it happened" real-time simulation
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This video is a real time simulation of the Apollo 13 accident. This video contains two channel audio, with the Flight Directors Loop on one channel and the Air-to-Ground loop on the other. The sequence starts a few minutes before the accident.

The accident sequence is simulated on Orbiter Flight Simulator using NASSP. I do not know if the real time sequence looked like (I doubt it did) but it is added to give the viewer something to watch.

The AGC clock is used to show approximate times of the events. The clock is timed to Jack Swigerts first report of a problem. I cannot be sure that the timings are correct for prior or subsequent events.

Video used is from the MOCR footage shot the day of the accident, the DAC footage the crew took after the accident and TV channel coverage on or within 24 hrs of the accident.

All footage of the MOCR and from the DAC is courtesy NASA. All audio is courtesy NASA. TV coverage - I do not own the rights to but they are included as they were an integral part of how the mission played out.

Lunar Module 5Thanks for the posting Robert.

I was asked by several people on the channel if it would be possible to put this one together. The only real issue was the synching of the audio, which took quite a bit of patience to get it right.

I got an email from Jim Lovell - who wrote I do "good work". Thats made my year already!

star51LI've listened to this each evening the past couple of nights. Lunar Module 5 has done a terrific job on this (use headphones!). You can definitely tell no one in Mission Control had a grip on the scope of the accident for quite some time, and I was a little surprised at what sounded like Jack Lousma's frustration over Mission Control not having more information to send up to the crew, which was understandable considering the circumstances.

I also enjoyed your "Power Up" segment too. Thank you!

Lunar Module 5Thanks for the kudos Star - I have always thought Jack was exercising his role of Capcom which was, apart from being the link between MCC and the SC, being the crews spokesperson and speaking up for them.
ea757grrlThis is just plain fascinating, and I couldn't tear myself away once I started watching. This had to have been a lot of work, but it is very much appreciated.
Lunar Module 5Thanks for the kind comments.

It took about a day to put together and as I said above, it was the audio that took the most time.

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