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Forum:Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Topic:[Video] Apollo descent and ascent DAC footage
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This video is one of the more complicated I have put together.

I hope that some of you enjoy this and the other videos.

SkytrotterVery, very nice!
Lunar Module 5Thanks Sky! Appreciated
SkytrotterWas the synchronization point the callout Contact light? Was MET of the official touchdown time used?

The audio part must have been a bear to deal with, the pick the best parts of each landing and keep it all synced.

Lunar Module 5Having already completed the individual landing videos I simply put them all together and then had to go through each audio track, pick the bits I wanted and tried to make sure they overlapped to create no gaps. After all that it was fairly easy to overlap the segments.
Lunar Module 5I just wanted to say a huge thank you to collectSPACE members who have watched the video. According to YouTube statistics over 50% of the viewings have been from cS. This makes me wonder how many of you who have watched it from here usually watch it on YouTube?
Paul78zephyrA huge thank you to Lunar Module 5 for posting this. "Outstanding".
Lunar Module 5Realigned videos:
Lunar Module 5
Originally posted by Paul78zephyr:
A huge thank you to Lunar Module 5 for posting this. "Outstanding".

You are more than welcome Paul - thanks for the good words on the video

model makerI have always wanted to see the footage realigned so I wouldn't have to tilt my head sideways to see what it really looked like.
chetThat is one very exhilarating video!
BlackarrowA very nice piece of work.

I still think the Apollo 14 landing film is marginally the best in terms of technical quality and content, but at the very end is it my imagination or does the descent engine continue to fire for several seconds AFTER touchdown?

Technically, the worst film is Apollo 17. It's not so obvious in this version, but I always thought it looked dark and very grainy, as if it had been underexposed, then specially processed to give a usable film. Is it known why the Apollo 17 film is a little poor in quality? Exposure set wrongly? Faulty film? Faulty camera? Faulty processing?

Lunar Module 5The latest video in the series is now available here.

This one is all the lunar ascent DAC video realigned to 45 degrees (except Apollo 15, which wasn't far off the mark) and the audio remixed into one continuous track.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as the landing coverage.

Originally posted by Lunar Module 5:
Hope you all enjoy it as much as the landing coverage.
Yes! OUTSTANDING once again. Thank you!
Lunar Module 5Thanks Paul - glad you liked it!
Lunar Module 5For those interested, I got an enthusiastic email from Charlie Duke referring to the Apollo 16 landing video saying... "these are fantastic!!!" and that "looks like exactly how we saw it."

That email has made my week!

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