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Forum:Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Topic:May 15-16, 1963: Remembering Mercury-Atlas 9
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ColinBurgessSurely it can't be 50 years - I remember it so well.

Glint"A new oral thermometer was used."

So then that means that the old thermometer was a...ah...ummm...never mind!

micropoozThis was the flight that gave a six-year-old version of me the space bug. I'd been interested in mechanical stuff (I wanted to drive trains up until then), but was not overly interested in spaceflight. In fact the first three orbital Mercury missions kind of torqued me off, because the TV coverage pre-empted the cartoons that came on after I got home from school!

But right before MA-9, there was a picture in our newspaper of Cooper and his family standing around his capsule. I thought it neat, and cut it out. And then over the next few days, I cut out all the rest of the pics of his mission. Then read all of the space books in the school library and local library that summer. Then... Well, suffice it to say, still a space nut 50 years later!

Oh, and by-the-way, we have a little MA-9 50th anniversary thread going on in the Stamps and Covers forum, titled "Space Cover 213: The Last Mercury".

Joel KatzowitzBeautiful item Sy.

I remember you and I discussing the mysterious symbol drawn in the pyramid. My flown silver certificate from the MA-8 mission had the same symbol in the same location drawn by Schirra. Who knows, maybe someday.....

mach3valkyrieI can remember watching Frank McGee of NBC News sitting at a desk in what looked like sand and scrub grasses reporting on the launch. To another six year old, it sparked the fascination with space.
Fra MauroI wonder how Gemini would have been affected if Gordo had been yanked in favor of Shepard.

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