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Forum:Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Topic:Apollo 16: Launch countdown and callouts
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Jim Behling
Originally posted by Paul78zephyr:
Is that one of the crew?
Not the crew. Likely that is one of the test conductors or the console position in charge of the sequencer much like CGLS for the shuttle. They would just be calling indications that the event had occurred.

mach3valkyrieI think it's Paul Donnelly, Launch Operations Manager.

Also, I think the word is "roll", as in roll program. "...roll, you have good thrust on all five." Maybe the word 'Roger' preceded it. Gordon Fullerton was the capcom in Houston.

There are a lot of clipped transmissions early on Apollo 16's launch.

Go4LaunchI'm pretty certain that voice is not Paul Donnelly, who would not have been making that sort of call-out on the loop.
ozspaceI have another audio question, this one is from the Apollo 11 launch.

Can anyone tell me who "Ralph" may have been? I assume one of the technicians monitoring booster performance in Houston?

I love the little discussion on the start bottle pressure red line being lit and the line "...everything is go Ralph" at 1:40!

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